Lifetime Free Updates


FL STUDIO updates are free for life!

Buy the latest FL Studio Edition you want, then all future updates are FREE. Nothing to pay ever again ...

It's typical in the music software industry to be charged between $150-250 for an update. FL Studio will always give you the latest version free. Why? Because we believe you should get the program you paid for, bug-fixed and updated for as long as we develop FL Studio.

Lifetime Free Updates 25 years and going strong

  Find out what new features our customers have received free, for over 20 years. (see below)

Is everything added, in future, to FL Studio free?

Not everything: Sometimes we develop new software synthesizers or effects and offer them as optional add-on purchases. You will notice, from the feature comparison, different versions of FL Studio have different core features and plugin bundles.

You will get your edition of FL Studio, and the plugins included at the time of purchase, updated free for the life of the product/s. We may add new core features free to your FL Studio version and plugins for free too (example). So there's always plenty of new stuff to enjoy.

You can also download and use previous versions of FL Studio. See here.