DirectWave Sampler

Player version: DirectWave installs as a 'player' version, free for all users. DirectWave (player) channels will be saved along with the projects as normal. The DirectWave Player limitations are: Only DirectWave's own formats (*.dwp & *.dwb) can be loaded, VST sampling is disabled, external samples can not be added to patches nor can new patches be created.

To unlock the extra functions including: Editing patches, adding samples, recording, sampling VST instruments, loading 3rd party formats then DirectWave full version needs to be purchased separately.

DirectWave is a powerful and versatile sampler featuring a fully programmable synthesis section and features such as inbuilt FX, velocity & randomization layering, looping, automatic sampling of VSTi plugins and the ability to 'sample' (record sound) when loaded into the mixer audio chain, in an effects slot.

Visit the DirectWave Image-Line forumfor more patches and programming tips.


The programming functions are divided into an upper and lower interface as follows:

Download Samples

Use the 'Select Preset' menu (to the right of the DirectWave logo) to access the Content Library to download soundbanks directly from the Samplefusion Website. For more details on this feature follow this link to the Content Library section.

Loading Programs and Samples

Note on importing SoundFonts: If the SoundFont has more than one program bank a dialog will appear enabling you to load one or more program banks into DirectWave. Use Windows file selections - Left-click, Shift+Left-click and Ctrl+Left-click to select one, groups or selected banks respectively. After loading, SoundFont banks will be available as standard DirectWave banks. Limitations: Only basic SoundFont parameters such as key/velocity range, loop points, etc. are imported, filter cutoff, chorus, reverb, are not. This may result in SoundFont presets that vary ignored parameters to sound the same.

Sample format support

DirectWave currently supports the following formats:

WARNING: DirectWave will not import the above formats if they have been encrypted/protected. Encryption is sometimes used by vendors to prevent non-native import of program files (they want you to buy their sampler) so check with the vendor they are not encrypted/locked to a given sampler if you are planning to purchase any of these formats for use with DirectWave.

Plugin Credits: Reflex & Argu