DirectWave - Options

To open the Options Window - Left-click on the 'Options' button above the peak-meter. The options dialog allows you to select the Browser directories and rendering quality, and set up an automated sample VST session.






VST Sampler

VST instrument host

VST Instrument Sampler

Sets the automated sampling options. Please be aware that long sample settings combined with multiple velocity layers and small key-steps will result in very large programs.

NOTE: The Auto sampling works as follows:

  1. DirectWave triggers a note (working individually through the MIDI notes Low key to High key, sampling every Step notes at each of Velocity splits velocities).
  2. The note is held for the duration set (Length).
  3. After that time, a 'note off' message is sent.
  4. DirectWave waits until the note is silent, if it reaches silence you will see a 'skipping release' message.
  5. If the note has not reached silence after the time set at Max release, DirectWave stops sampling and fades to silence (linearly).
  6. The samples and patch will be saved in Options > Content library AFTER you manually instruct DirectWave to do so from the Program Zone window