DirectWave - Sample Tab

The Sample Tab contains Sample Start, Looping options and Input/Recording controls (so DirectWave is a sampler that actually 'samples').

Sample Window Mouse-Control

Apart from the horizontal and vertical zoom buttons, as shown in the image above, several actions are available through mouse movement, as described below.



Looping samples is the process of setting a region in the sample that will be repeated. Although termed Loop Start and Loop End DW allows you to move the End point in front of the Start (useful when automating points), so they are really just 'Loop point A and B'.

NOTE: Looping instrument samples is an art. It is very easy to make loops that click, warble, pop or just sound plain awful (nothing is broken). Clicks are caused by the sample amplitude at the loop start and end points differing (try to select zero-crossing points and the same phases of the waveform, that is moving in the same direction). Another source of loop disasters are slow changes in timbre, phase or frequency content. Normally these happen slowly and naturally and add motion to the sound, however when a loop jumps back to a distant point, the abrupt change sounds like a glitch. In these cases the 'Bounce' loop can be a solution. In conclusion, there is a reason why professional sample libraries are expensive, someone (or team) had to sit down and craft hundreds/thousands of loops, often involving serious post-processing (layering, cross-fading, etc). If we haven't scared you off by now, experiment with the loop types and start/end positions and remember some sounds just don't loop smoothly...on second thoughts perhaps we should only allow trained professionals access to these controls?

TIP: Use 'Set Optimal Loop' command from sample editor popup menu (Right-click on sample editor wave display) to assist in finding good loop points. This jumps the loop-start/end markers between zero-crossings. Don't forget to zoom the wave-display if you need finer control.

Input / Sampling

To record you must load the DW VST version into a mixer channel Effects slot (DW VST version can be downloaded from DW VST only records sound from the mixer track and FX slot where it is loaded. This means any FX in slots preceding DW will be heard (and recorded) while those after it will be heard (but not recorded).

NOTE: DirectWave can also auto-sample VST plugins, see the Options > VST Sampler tab.

Wave Viewer Context Menu (Right-click)

Right-click on the sample view window. If the selected command acts on sample data, only the selected region will be affected. To select sample data, Left-click and drag on the region you desire to process or edit.