Sytrus - The Operator (Oscillator) Module

In FM Synthesis Oscillators are called 'Operators', this is because they can be used to modulate other operators. The operator modules are central to the Sytrus synthesis engine as this section is used to define the operator shape and pitch. The module supports full articulation section (envelopes and mappings of volume/pitch/phase, etc.)

Oscillator Settings

NOTE: In Sytrus 1.5 and later, harmonics have been vastly enhanced and moved into their own tab. To learn more, see Working with the Harmonics Editor.

Shape Preview Window

The shape preview window shows the operator/oscillator shape after it is processed with the harmonics and other modifiers. There are 3 switches above the shape window (from left to right):

Shape Modifiers

The modifiers are a set of parameters which can help you in adjusting the operator shape to suit your needs. Alt+click a modifier to reset it to its default level:

Pitch Offset & Multiplier

Here you can set the base pitch of the operator. Position the cursor over a digit from either display and drag up/down.

Misc Settings

You can copy all the settings defining the oscillator and paste them to a different operator by using the Copy/Paste Oscillator Settings command in the Options menu (). The menu also contains the Reset Oscillator Settings in case you need to quickly revert all oscillator settings to their default position.

Articulation Section

The articulation section allows you to apply an envelope, LFO, map keys, velocity or unison mode voices to a set of predefined properties. To see the full list of envelopes/mapping in the articulation section and their meaning, please check the envelope editor page.

The filter mode supports the following articulation targets (controlled parameters):