Vocodex is the last word in vocoders, featuring advanced articulation envelopes, integrated Carrier synthesizer and Soundgoodizer maximizer, vocoder envelope control and up to 100 variable-width multi-parameter vocoder bands. Vocodex - By your command!

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Vocoding is the process of using the real-time frequency spectrum of one sound (Modulator) to modulate the frequency spectrum of another (Carrier). The vocoder engine consists of a series of bandpass filters that allow through only those frequencies detected in the Modulator source. So, for example, when a human voice is used to modulate a synthesizer chord, it will sound like the synthesizer is talking, the classic robot voice from many sci-fi movies.

Setup Inputs



The Mixer section controls Modulator and Carrier levels, input routing and provides controls for fine-tuning input/output signals. From left to right:

Envelope Follower

These controls adjust the dynamics of the per-band envelope follower. Note that individual band behavior can be modulated relative to these settings using the Modulation Mappings section (below). From left to right:

Band Distribution

These controls adjust the number of vocoding bands, their width and input filtering. While technical descriptions are given for each control, we recommend you 'tweak and seek' your desired sound.

NOTE: Per-band adjustments to the above controls can be made using the Envelope section, see below.

Modulation Mappings

Displays the vocoder bands, peak-level curve and Mapping Envelopes for the Modulator sound input.

Mapping controls

Carrier Synthesizer

Vocoding Tutorials

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin

Vocodex sample: Katy Theodossiou.