Output Monitor Panel

The Output Monitor panel contains controls for monitoring the audio output of FL Studio.

NOTE: For more visualization options see Wave Candy.


Right-click the Oscilloscope area to set the following options:

  • Oscilloscope - Shows the waveform output from FL Studio.
    • Stereo - Stereo or Single line display.
    • Long - Stationary or scrolling oscilloscope.
  • Spectrograph - Shows the frequency spectrum output from FL Studio. Low frequencies left, high frequencies to the right. NOTE: The output is scaled so that Pink noise produces a flat spectrum. Pink noise has equal power for each octave. Mixing to this principle is considered to create a 'balanced' mix.
  • Peak Meter - Monitors the final output of FL Studio (place your mouse over the peak meter to read the values in the Hint Bar). If the bars turn red your project is clipping, not good. To learn more about clipping and setting levels in FL Studio see the section on Levels and Mixing.