Buzz Effect Adapter

Buzz Effect Adapter is a wrapper for Buzz generator machines. You can find a huge collection of Buzz machines at www.BuzzMachines.com. However, be aware that there are quite a few buggy ones around, and the stability of your project may be compromised.


The options and parameters apart from those described below depend on the hosted Buzz plugin.

  • Select Machine - Click this button to browse for a Buzz machine plugin.
  • Parameter Sliders - These sliders are used to control Buzz machine parameters. They are available as normal FL Studio parameters (Right-click the sliders to display the default parameter menu of FL Studio).
  • Attributes - Click this button to launch a window with additional parameters for the machine.
  • Commands - Click this button to launch a menu with commands for the machine. When the machine doesn't have commands, this button is disabled.
  • Import Buzz Preset - Opens a dialog for importing a Buzz preset.

Plugin Credits: Oskari Tammelin