Version History

Below you can find the history of FL Studio and how a simple midi-only drum sequencer turned into a fully fledged virtual studio. Please note that registered users receive all of the features below for free as part of our Lifetime Free Updates policy.

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FL Studio 3.4.0

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Added fat mode to channels (echo delay tab).

New input to output mapping formula in remote control linking.

Added Fruity formula (internal) controller plugin.

New Export->Project bones (exports all channel & effect presets + scores, to merge projects easier).

Introducing channel filtering for easier reading of the step sequencer.

Introducing layer channels, to control several channels at once.

Fixed the freezing on some systems with the MIDI output enabled.

Added activity meter to channels.

New Fruity chorus plugin.

New Fruity DX10 & SoundFont player plugins.

Can now move patterns (or blocks of patterns) up/down (see playlist menu).


New 'save new version' option.

Note properties editing in the piano roll now works only for selected notes, if any.

View all channels (ghost) mode in piano roll.

Added vertical zoom in event editor.

Added tempo fine tuning (song settings).

Relooked testing kb, now with visual feedback & layer key zones.

Removed 'shuffled' option in channel's echo delay.

Added 'Play to end' option to Fruity slicer plugin.

Arpeggiator time to max = holding.

Added 'add root note to key' feature (useful for Fruity slicer & Fruity soundfont player).

Fixed patch not restored by the MIDI out.

Fixed last MIDI device not working for MIDI output sync.

Samples with loop points stored in wrong order are now loaded properly.

Little startup things are now set to better default values.

Removed raster visual effect in event editor.

Removed random association, replaced by the channel layering, better but uncompatible.

Channel aftertouch now mapped to #253 in MIDI input mapping (key aftertouch=#254, pitch bend=#255).

FL Studio 3.3.0

Monday, October 15, 2001

Added ASIO output.

Added Fruity Slicer, Fruity Granulizer, Fruity Big Clock, Fruity dB meter

Added Buzz machines wrapper (generator & effect) plugins.

Multiple MIDI devices can now be controlled at once.

Introducing internal controllers.

New Fruity stereo enhancer plugin.

New Fruity delay 2 plugin.

Added 2 FX send tracks & up to 8 plugins per track.

Better plugin lister, now verifies & sorts plugins.

New, rather accurate, global (multichannel) MIDI file import.

Added portamento to all channels.

Added velocity & kb tracking to all channels.

Fruity wrapper can now read *.FXB files.

Added portamento's in step sequencer & per-channel gating.

Added levels adjustment per channel, for easier automation & preamp.

Added pitch per note in the piano roll.       

Effect plugins can now be named.

Changed knobs popup menu (added 'Copy value' & 'Paste value')

Got rid of the 'filenames with spaces' problem.

Improved sample view in channel settings.

Bugfix in plugins custom shapes.

Fixed minor bug in FX sends.

Remote control mapping now updated when modules change.

Remote control mapping now saved in FLP's.

Bugfix in channel FX track # automation.

Bugfix in channel settings repaint (very rare & harmless bug).

Fixed thing in levels ramping (rendering with 'tiny slices' is now perfect).

Added a wallpaper (Title.jpg).

Minor bugfix in mixer.

Removed Export->Click marked samples option (hello alt+s freaks).

Fixed rare bug in mixer.

Fruity plugins own data can now be collected & included in zipped loops.

Small bugfix in plugin preset selector.

Added a couple of new 3xOsc presets.

Fixed some disappearing cursor problems.

Fixed bug in sampler channels envelopes & MIDI remote control.

Note properties box now also works on selected notes in piano roll.

Added features to the 3xOsc.

Added automatable gate time in channels (FUNC tab, mainly for the SS).

Little bugfix in volume envelope attack.

In pattern mode, the whole pattern is now rendered, not just the first bar.

Remote control mapping now listed in the project browser.

New, better set of fonts.

New bugfixed Fruity Scratcher, WASP, SimSynth & Fruity phaser plugins.

Fruity Spectroman can now display in stereo.

FL Studio 3.1.1

Thursday, May 3, 2001

Bugfix in song relocation.

Small bugfix in project browser.

Small bugfix in 'Go to next empty pattern'.

Added Fruity LSD & Fruity Spectroman plugins (reg. only).

Added log decay switch to envelopes.

Changed sliders a bit.

Updated Fruity plug SDK.

FL Studio 3.1.0

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

(boxed version)

Project (automation) browser.

Now supporting DXi plugins!

Piano roll data can now be copied from the step sequencer.

Added 'Init with current position' in event editor.

Added right click on snap selector for stock note lengths.

Fixed Jedi mode :) disappearing mouse cursor problem.

Wrapped VST plugins now save their state into chunks (useful for the BS-1).

Bugfix in Fruity Mute 2.

Harmless bug when closing 2 event editors at once fixed.

Removed background wallpaper centering.

Favorites now available to channels as well.       

MIDI input now handles start / stop / continue messages.

Added (dirty) workaround for taskbar covering problem.

Cyrix problem finally fixed!

Minor bugfixes.

Added project uploading feature.

New user-made MIDI out presets.

Turned auto snap into auto smoothing in event editor.

FL Studio 3.01

Tuesday, February 6, 2001

Arpeggiator for each channel.

Exporting to MIDI file now works.

Plucked! & 3xOsc plugins now support custom shapes.

New user-made MIDI out presets.

Introducing *.FSC FruityLoops score (piano roll) presets.


Small bugfix in mixer & pattern playing.

Effect version of Fruity wrapper plugin now properly listed.

Minor bugfix in channel's edit menu.

Bugfix in closing piano roll.

Minor bugfix in MIDI out plugin.

Various bugfixes in wav renderer (can now render a playlist selection properly).

Improved dropping of audio tracks into the playlist.

Improved auto channel naming.

Minimized mode in piano roll.

MIDI files now appear in the browser (to be dropped onto piano rolls) as well.

Pattern (visual) length now saved in projects.

Various other improvements.

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