Version History
Below you can find the history of FL Studio and how a simple midi-only drum sequencer turned into a fully fledged virtual studio. Please note that registered users receive all of the features below for free as part of our Lifetime Free Updates policy.

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FL Studio 10.0.8

Monday, September 5, 2011


Env editor: envelope loops don't need a sustain point anymore.

Smooth point modes now in all plugins.

New "Song start" marker type.

DirectWave: Import and export FL Mobile .instr files

FPC: Export FL Mobile .instr files



Fixed bug in automation of channel arpeggiator chord selector.

Fixed rare bug in Maximus.

Fixed bug in conversion of step seq to piano roll while playing in song mode.

Fixed some possible problems with extended memory in plugins.

DirectWave: Fixed bug loading some samples from FL Mobile in player mode

DirectWave: Fixed crash loading specific .sfz files

Wrapper: Fixed disconnecting some plugin parts when deleting VST3 plugins

Patcher: Fixed bug increasing GDI object count

ReWired: Fixed problem loading plugin with "smart disable"

ZGE: Some bugfixes

FL Studio 10.0.5

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


zge: new version, new scripts

FL mobile add updated

Patcher: fixed crash related to voice release/kill from plugin

Added "Recording starts playback" option for pressing record to start playing/pressing stop to stop recording.

New "Gap" knob in PR articulator tool, to ensure a gap between notes.

New "Smooth" point mode in envelope editor (plugins & FL).

Env editor: adding a point near the existing segment (with snap off) inserts that point precisely on the segment.

Env editor: panning (middle button) also displays envelope without points (freeze).

FL Mobile file import



Fixed crash when trying to automate all parameters of a plugin that has no named parameter (like Patcher).

Slicex: Fixed possible case where deck B's associated file wasn't collected in zips.

DirectWave: Fixed small bug with finding missing samples

Slicex: Fixed bug in drum replacer tool.

Fixed bug in loop recording (result ending at the wrong time in the playlist).

Fixed little bug in step editing when piano roll is visible.

Fixed Edison's "Acquire noise threshold" broken for 16bit samples.

FL Studio 10.0.2

Thursday, May 19, 2011

[10.0.2 final]

- zge: new version, new scripts

- FL mobile add updated

- Patcher: fixed crash related to voice release/kill from plugin


[10.0.2 RC5]

- added FL Mobile .url file

- newtone: fixed visual update of param wheels

- zge: new version

- FL Mobile add in setup


[10.0.2 RC4]

- new FLEngine

- patcher: fixed pitch wheel response, freeze when closing ZGE, voice deletion when removing plugin


[10.0.2 RC3]

- wrapper: fixed parameter name bug

- installer: include latest dsp_ipp.dll


[10.0.2 RC2]

- new help file

- new FLEngine

     + fixed possible hang in undo when using interfaceless VST1 plugins

     + fixed wrong tempo exported in rendered projects after messing with steps per beat setting

     + reversed behavior when left/right clicking on mixer arming button

- FL VSTi: fixed freeze in Cubase when exporting to audio


[10.0.2 RC1]

- changed patcher thumbnails

- added auraqualic "data" song

- new FLEngine:

     + fixed integer overflow bug

     + fixed note properties not always selected when clicking on notes

     + use different charset to let Japanese characters display correctly

- new FL Keys wavetable, default preset

- Patcher: bugfixes (see whatsnew)

- resaved DW presets in DataPatchesPacks to use relative filenames

- fixed start menu entries for other users when installing "for all users"

- new help file and fd.chm

- Newtone: fixed crash when using undo

- FPC: fixed unmuting pads

FL Studio 10.0.0

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


New project browser.

Patcher plugin.

ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin.



Fixed problem with sidechain selectors in Vocodex.

Fixed tiny bug in envelope filter tool.

Fixed rendering start time problem.

Fixed small bug on playlist loop marker deletion.

Fixed bug when deleting playlist clips through their menu.

Fixed bug when undoing recording of audio+piano roll when there were no notes yet.

Fixed crash when sending presets directly to plugin window in some rare cases.

Fixed bug in Fruity Love Philter's waveshaper.

Fixed sample browser's hot hint minor bug.

Fixed bug in Fruity Convolver's own smart disabling.

Slicex & Fruity Convolver now store local filenames (avoiding searching).

Audio clip positions now snapped to samples (better for linear interpolator).

FL VSTi: fixed crash on close in other hosts.

DirectWave: improved sfz import.

Fixed bug in playlist song loop marker when piano roll pops up.

Bugfix in Riff Machine's randomization.

FL Studio 9.9.7

Monday, March 7, 2011

(Pubic Beta)



Bugfixes updates: (install on top of 9.9 beta)



(update 7b)

Patcher: fixed root note behaviour

Wrapper: removed old bug fix to solve

Wrapper: added "secure processor" option, when switched off will allow Nexus and possibly other plugins to work better



(update 6)

Patcher: fixed automation of VST plugin parameters

Patcher: show menu with connection options when dropping "io drag line" on module

Patcher: added "remember tab size" option (on by default)

Patcher: preview keyboard shows in all tabs, can be hidden

Wrapper: fixed wrong editor size when saving fxp in bridged mode



(update 5b)

fixed artwork folder for Patcher

fixed effect Patcher dll name



(update 5)

renamed Chainer to Patcher

Convolver: fixed noise when using plugin slot level knob

Patcher: remember optional audio input connections when reloading song

Patcher: send note on/off to effect plugins

Patcher: fixed multi-link related freeze

Patcher: fixed crash when using randomize preset

Patcher: collapsed plugin editors are still collapsed when closing and re-opening Patcher window

Patcher: dashboard controls are now published as parameters (right-click menu, automation, ...)

Patcher: auto-connect new effect when added

Patcher: auto-connect effect to module if its preset was dropped on that module

Patcher: some small speed improvements



(update 4)

Patcher: added FL param menu items to param i/o nodes

Patcher: audio outputs were removed while loading settings

Patcher: fixed demo mode check for Wasp XT

Patcher: fixed random noise when changing latencies

Patcher: fixed loading old interfaceless VST settings

Patcher: fixed multiple inputs for effect version

Patcher: fixed processing of env controller

Patcher: update channel pitch for midi voices

Patcher: fixed crash with PoiZone on song relocation

Patcher: fixed loading of effect event i/o connections

Patcher: fixed event input for effect plugins

Patcher: fixed sends for plugins

Patcher: made it easier to select i/o nodes when making a connection

Patcher: fixed loading control values

Patcher: fixed auto caption numbering when More... list is used

Patcher: fixed caption for plugins with 4-character names

Patcher: small fix to default plugin position

Convolver & Slicex: use relative paths when saving sample filenames

FL VSTi: fixed crash closing Reaper / Cubase x64 / Sonar x64 with FL VSTi loaded

FL VSTi: fixed deletion of FLEngine.dll in some circumstances



(update 3)

Uses new version of Lame encoder (3.98.4)

Newtone: end marker can now be moved

Newtone: added 'select all slices' option (uses Ctrl+A shortcut)

Newtone: added reset option to 3 knobs

Newtone: fixed "drag zoom rectangle isn't removed after drag zoom"

Newtone: fixed midi export

Patcher: handles max poly (Patcher itself, not the plugins inside)

Patcher: responds to main pitch slider

Patcher: now uses favorites list from FL

Patcher: auto-number plugin captions (when several plugins with same name are added)

Patcher: control name remains when loading saved settings

Patcher: channel volume/pitch now works for VST plugins

Patcher: fixed crash when triggering voice in effect VST plugin

Patcher: midi note velocity wasn't handled correctly in response to FPV_GetInfo

Patcher: fixed sound bug related to Harmless

Patcher: published params keep automation/controller links

Patcher: fixed crash when changing routing in mixer (effect version)

Patcher: fixed error saving Sytrus when Patcher is hidden

Patcher: stop all playing notes when plugin is flushed

Wrapper: reversed Nexus fix because it caused other anomalies



(update 2)

Convolver: fixed smart disable check (now works in Patcher)

Newtone: end marker can now be moved (by moving/resizing last slice)

Wrapper: queue loading of bridged plugins again (iLok problem)

Wrapper: fixed issue with Nexus 2 plugin



(update 1)

Newtone: fixed scrollbar not appearing until resize

Patcher: fixed dry signal bug

Patcher: fixed plugin registration issues

Patcher: fixed channel volume implementation (Wasp XT)

Patcher: you can now drop presets from "save preset as" menu

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