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Below you can find the history of FL Studio and how a simple midi-only drum sequencer turned into a fully fledged virtual studio. Please note that registered users receive all of the features below for free as part of our Lifetime Free Updates policy.

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FL Studio 9.6.0

Thursday, September 30, 2010

(public beta)



Reworked piano roll (vertical zoom).

Mute tool now flips mute state on a whole row when used on side keyboard in piano roll.

Pause key now pauses playback (like ctrl+space).

Added basic support (transport controls) for Kontrolux keyboard.

Added "remember seek time" option (right-click stop button).

Improved deleting of overlapping notes/clips (now only deletes the top one).

Added waveform display helper (Alt+N) to piano roll/event editor (drop sample onto them).

Improved zooming from side keyboard in piano roll.

Added optional more precise playback indicator in PR/PL/EE (view menu).

Alt+click or X2 button on ghosted notes switches to the note's channel.

Shift+wheel now moves channels, mixer tracks, playlist tracks & patterns (in step seq selector) around.

Improved autoscrolling when moving events around.

Song loop marker becomes song loop mode for normal markers, right click freed on time bar.

New handle to rescale scores.

PR's note hint now also adds key name & MIDI note #.

Added "Assign all to->MPC/Trigger Finger/padKontrol pads" option in Slicex.

Improved zooming/scrolling/grids in FL (no more zoom selector) & several plugins.

New playback/preview tool in playlist (alt+right click).



(public beta) Fixed bug when pressing F2/F3 in name edits without color selection.

Fixed bug relocating in a piano roll in song mode.

Fixed new bug in Harmless'es self-osc.

Fixed long pause when relocating mixer tracks on dual cores.

Wrapper: Fixed info flags bug that caused shell plugins to fail to load

Wrapper: Removed some log entries that caused slowdowns

Wrapper: Fixed loading/saving settings when switching to and from bridged mode

Wrapper: Various fixes loading plugin settings

Wrapper: Fixed crash with bridged Crystal VST

Wrapper: Fixed loading Waves plugins from settings

Wrapper: Support interfaceless VST3 plugins

Wrapper: Properly set plugin name when loading a VST3 subplugin

Wrapper: Fixed freeze in BitterSweet II

Wrapper: Various changes in bridge to prevent freezes

Wrapper: Hide editor windows when showing options window instead of closing them

Wrapper: Fixed some memory leaks

Wrapper: Fixed note velocity for VST 3 plugins

Wrapper: Fixed locating a 64bit plugin from settings

Downloader: Fixed crash when using prev preset function

Downloader: Fixed installation "error [0]"

Downloader: Fixed update of list from within plugin

Downloader: Fixed listing user items

Downloader: Fixed showing unrelated paths for lists that had "FL" download location

FL Studio VSTi: Fixed "no audio" bug when loading FL VSTi from file in Studio One

DirectWave: Fixed loading of compressed wave files

FPC: Notify FL of changed semitone names when loading a mapping

Fixed crash when "Split by channel" while PR is open.

Fixed vel mapping not updating when "resetting" it.

Fixed broken View->Browser menu items.

Fixed stuff related to song loop marker.

FL Studio 9.5.0

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

(public beta)


Much improved "keep on disk" option.

Piano roll/playlist/event editor: removed "Delete all", cut/copy/delete now applies to all if no (events and time)

Inverted behavior when resizing clips from left side with slip editing.

Prevents early recorded notes when "wait for input" is on but "recording precount" is off.

Improved auto placement of recorded clips in the playlist.

Automation clips & envelope editors: left alt bypasses snap while editing

Improved piano roll note display (faster & looks slightly different), ghost notes now really ghosted.

ASIO: now avoids buzzing while lots of underruns occur.

Playlist: tracks can now be resized individually.

F3 in name editor picks last used color.

Added offset feature for better (less bad) DirectSound performances under Vista.

Added new alternate playback tracking mode that doesn't rely on driver, as well as offset.

Added option to mix directly in ASIO's bufferswitch.

New playlist marker options.

Playlist now showing bar #s after 999.

Playlist/piano roll: can now display time segments other than 4 bars (View->Time segments).

Can now relocate project in song mode from piano roll.

Slightly less clicking when switching presets.

Less clicking when relocating songs with audio clips (& granular effect on clips when declicking is generic or above).

Option to move playlist marker content left & right.

Option to play notes crossing playback start position.

Better sorting of MRU colors in name edit.

Improved autoscrolling for some editing features.

Improved playlist Edit->Merge pattern clips.

Piano roll delete/mute doesn't create undo level before actually deleting/muting.

Manual (de)selection now creates undo level.

Shift+up/down now works in playlist too.

New "Merge similar pattern clips" editing feature to merge selected patterns & all their clones.

Playlist: option to disable track grid.

Speeded up playlist display, some new display options.

Time markers now displayed as ticks in main song position slider + their names in its hint.

New "copy/paste value" for envelope (& automation clips) points, compatible with parameter's "copy/paste value".

New "duplicate" (ctrl+B) option in piano roll & playlist.

Event ID ranges are now cached (for speed).

Improved scrolling & optimized refreshes in PR/PL/EE.

"Select time around selection" now selects the zoomed part when no selection.

Activity indicators for playlist tracks.

PR/PL: Insert now cuts events at mouse cursor position.

New "wide tracks" mixer view.

Added support for Cakewalk A-Series controllers.

Added support for M-Audio Oxygen controllers.

Left shift+resize now move splits in piano roll & playlist.

Right shift+resize now rescales events in playlist as well (slightly differently).

Changed "Make unique" and added "Make unique as sample" for audio clips.

Home (begin) key now relocates to the bar that's the nearest to the beginning of the view in PR/PL.

Improved meters everywhere.

Automation clips & internal controllers don't prevent using event automation for the same parameter anymore.

Changed way channel pitch bend is automated, to allow proper use of link smoothing.

When an automation clip is created for tempo or channel pitch bend, a default "sane" range is assigned to the clip.

Little speedup in Fruity Limiter, Maximus, Vocodex.

Edison/Slicex/Fruity Convolver: holding shift while dropping files appends audio to the existing data.

Markers now imported from MIDI files to the playlist.

Little improvements in step edit mode (inserted notes are selected, can now relocate using time bar in PR).

New waveform (peak tracking) view for mixer meters.

Added "Current clip source" list in playlist track menu (listing the clips sources used in the track).

New triple buffering ASIO mode.



Little modification in loop recording.

Fixed memory leak in spectral display.

Harmless: little bugfix in oscillator import.

Maximus: fixed bug in oversampling (all times were doubled).

Fixed "black note=hold, white note=toggle in remote control" that was broken for lower octaves.

Playlist: marker relocation now undoable.

Fruity WaveShaper: switching to bipolar behaves better when alt curve point mode is used.

Fixed bug in playlist clip merging.

Fixed various redrawing oddities.

Fixed adapting automation events when changing PPQ.

Fixed window size bug in Slicex.

Fixed minor inaccuracy in automation clips timing.

Fixed EQ mix knob bug in Fruity Convolver when opening it from menu.

Fixed little drag/drop mistake in Harmless.

Fixed odd bug with effect sidechaining when loading specific projects.

Ogun: fixed tiny memory leak.

Fixed little bug in envelope editor open dialog.

Fixed rare visual bug in env editor.

Fixed slight loop recording problem.

FL Studio 9.1.0

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Harmless synthesizer.

New Fruity Convolver effect.

New "PDC for all tracks" helper for PDC.

Added MP3 export to Edison.

Added "realtime" flag support (useful for hardware-supported plugins).

Browser's F5/F6 (or extra mouse buttons, or ENTER or middle click)

Edison/Slicex: original sample filename now stored in states/projects (to remember the last file loaded).

MIDI import dialog doesn't show for MIDI files with only 1 track & 1 channel.

Right-clicking the piano rolls channel selector brings the channel settings and plugin editor.

Edison (paxCompiler-powered) scripts now support Javascript & Basic.

Changed 'Select' to 'Replace' in effect plugin menu when there's already an effect loaded.

Improved tempo fitting dialog in playlist.

Edison: added "send to playlist as audio clip" shortcut button.

An empty name in the channel grouping edit now sends to the unsorted group.

Changed the method used by assisted PDC a little.

Improved hovering of contiguous piano roll notes/playlist clips that are grouped or selected.

F2 in name editor cycles through random colors.

Piano roll note color selector can show special color names for some generators.

Improved meters everywhere.

FPC: added "Show in browser" option to loop menu

Wrapper: added button to update plugin properties

Wrapper: indicate if note message is realtime or not (VST & VST3)

Wrapper: some more speed when copying interlaced to separated buffers and back

Wrapper: store plugin filename, use it to find the plugin when loading settings

Synthmaker: updated to version 1.1.7


Fixed wrongly reported latency in Vocodex.

Fixed broken filter tool in envelope editor (in all plugins).

Fixed little bug in playlist "merge pattern clips".

Fixed crash in some rare cases when replacing & plugin that has an event being edited in a piano roll.

DirectWave: fixed loading old states saved with total recall

DirectWave: save wave files before saving the .dwp file

DirectWave: now responds to FL max polyphony value

DirectWave: no more drag and drop of foreign formats in DW Player

DirectWave: "Save program" now shows a dialog window if the filename isn't valid

DirectWave: minimize lock when loading of settings

DirectWave: update browser after saving a program or bank

Downloader: works correctly with unicode characters in filenames

FL ReWire: fixed crash when closing ProTools with FL loaded

FPC: show options menu when you click on the pad name label

FPC: selected layer is now remembered when window is hidden, shown and resized

FPC: fixed root path for loop files

Fruity Envelope Controller: small fix in envelope editor

Wrapper: adjusted pitch bend range selector

Wrapper: pitch bend range is now saved with other plugin options

Wrapper: rescan plugin properties adter loading settings

Wrapper: fixed freeze with Fruity Delay

Wrapper: re-implemented loop position calculation

Synthmaker: fixed a problem where SM windows could appear massively oversized after loading

FL Studio 9.0.3

Friday, November 27, 2009


Dashboard: added "send pitch bend range" option

Wrapper: added pitch bend range selection field

Wrapper: added support for Presonus parameter menu interface[/list]



Fixed window focus problem when dropping MIDI files onto a piano roll from an external source.

Fixed problem when creating automation clips for channel parameters in some cases.

Fixed timeline scroll bug

Downloader: fixed showing downloader for effect plugins

Downloader: fixed update process

Synthmaker: corrected an issue with exported FL plugins where the plugin wasn't fully instantiated

Synthmaker: fixed a bug that prevented sysex from being received from an external MIDI device

FL Studio 9.0.1

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Added 'Sidechain to this track only' option in mixer.

Added [url=http://forum.image-line.com/viewtopic.php?t=43985]playlist drag-free slicing[/url].

Added 'Create submix to' option in mixer.

Added 'Override generic link...' to knob popup menu.

Slightly improved Sytrus rendering quality.

Double-clicking a playlist track edits its mostly used clip.

Speeded up refresh of multidirectional playlist scrolling.

Wrapper: added option to disable threaded processing for a specific plugin, applies to any new instance of that plugin

FPC: added random triggering of overlapping layers

FPC: added DW program file import

DirectWave: added trigger groups

DirectWave: searches for samples in subfolder with the program's name when loading a .dwp

FPC: pad menu now shows banks in separate columns instead of submenus

FPC: updated DW import

FPC: use improved randomization method

DirectWave: increased max size of zone and program name to 128

DirectWave: implemented new save/restore routine, unified across FL/VST and dwp/dwb

Downloader: options window is now integrated in content library window

Downloader: clicking an cd/category will open or close it (no double-click necessary)



Fixed minor bug when right-clicking mini piano roll view for immediate jump in some cases.

Fixed minor browser bug.

Kb preview now works better as notes are released when you select another channel.

Changed priority stuff when background rendering.

Fixed bug loading old projects with internal controllers in sends.

Fixed crash in Edison's scratching tool.

Fixed possible hang when using remote control with smoothing enabled.

FPC: fixed issue cutting preview voices

Wrapper: don't respond to "update display" messages during saving

Wrapper: input names were sometimes shortened

Wrapper: fixed deadlock when i/o changed

Fixed little Delphi memory leak.

Fixed crash in Fruity Stereo Shaper when both delay & phase were in use.

Wrapper: rewrote small part of DX plugin initialization

Wrapper: fixed loading old DX plugin state if plugin wasn't found

FPC: pad volume wheel resets to 100% instead of 0%

FPC: mute button now works correctly if there are multiple pads triggered by the same semitone

FPC: deleting a layer would delete two instead of one

Downloader: custom download location wasn't used in some situations

Video Player: fixed "Ignore tempo changes"

DirectWave: fixed crash in VST sampling because of buffer overflow

DirectWave: read sample position offset fields from sf2 file (start, end, loop start, loop end)

DirectWave: fixed zone voice count display

DirectWave: fixed visual representation of programs in library if their names were too long

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