Effect slots 1 to 10

This section covers the Mixer effect slot functions and interface. Each mixer track can have up to 10 independent effect plugins hosted in slots 1 to 10.

BUT WAIT! If you need to use more than 10 effects on a single mixer track you can load an instance of Patcher in one of the slots and chain as many effects as you like inside that OR Send from one track to another.

Effect slot menu- Select an effect to load from the pop-up menu.

Effect name (Label) - Left-click to open plugin, Right-click to rename slot.

Effect disable - This disables the effect but does not mute the sound passing through the slot (is automatable).

Effect mix level - NOTE: Normally leave this at 100% and control the Wet/Dry mix from within the plugin. If the plugin introduces a processing delay, most do, then the processed 'wet' and unprocessed 'dry' signal can phase-cancel as the wet audio is slightly delayed. This is usually most apparent on high frequencies such as cymbals. Summary? Don't touch that knob!

Using Effects

Audio enters at the top of the Effects stack and passes through slots in order from 1 to 10, leaving at the bottom (the only exception to this is if a Fruity Send plugin is loaded into one of the slots, then a copy of the audio can leave the mixer effects stack from that point). After the effects stack, the audio passes to the inbuilt Mixer Track Properties section where further sculpting and manipulation of the sound is possible.

Effect Slot Menu:


Spare state

These options are useful for saving plugin settings, making edits, then comparing the original vs edited versions.



You can also access this slot menu from the effect's own options:

NOTE: The 'Save preset as...' option can be dragged to another Mixer channel or FX slot to duplicate the current effect and settings.

Mixer reference diagram

A full description is available on the main Mixer page.

NOTE: Most controls are automatable (Right-click and select 'Create automation clip').