Automation Clips

Automation Clips move (automate) linked controls on the FL Studio interface or plugins. They are closely related to Event automation and are a type of internal controller. Unlike event data they are not bound to a specific pattern and exist as a special type of Generator, loaded into a Channel. Automation Clip data can be displayed in the Playlist window as a line-graph, as shown below.

NOTE: Once an Automation Clip is created it will appear as an 'Internal controller' link option in the 'Link to controller' Right-click dialog on automatable controls.

Automation Clips

Automation Clip Focus

The clip focus selector (shown below) is used to focus various clip types. This is particularly useful when clips are stacked, the focused clip will be brought to the top for selection and editing. Selecting CTRL+click will focus all clips so they can be moved together.

Creating Automation Clips

There are several ways to create an Automation Clip:

  1. Native FL Studio controls - Native controls, those on the FL Studio interface and Image-Line plugins, can be Right-clicked to show a popup menu. Select 'Create automation clip'. A clip will be added to the Playlist Clip-Track area (as shown above). See Notes below.
  2. VST plugin controls - Move (tweak) the target control on the VST using your mouse, then, from the Tools Menu select 'Last tweaked > Create automation clip'. This will create an Automation Clip and place it in the Playlist for further editing. See Note below. For more information on linking targets in FL Studio and plugins see the sections on Linking internal controllers and Linking hardware controllers.
  3. Add menu - Tweak the target control and use the Add menu > Automation from last tweaked parameter.
  4. Convert from Event Data - All recorded automation is saved as Event Data. Convert Event Data to an Automation Clip from the 'Edit > Turn into automation clip' command in the Event Editor menu.
  5. Audio Clips - FL Studio also provides you with a quick way to automate the volume/pan of an Audio Clip. Open the clip menu and select either Automate > Panning or Automate > Volume. The new Automation Clip will be placed over the target Audio Clip.

NOTE: Time range - If you pre-select a time-range in the Playlist, the Automation Clip will be restricted to the selected range. If no range is selected then the Automation Clip will span the entire song length. Placement - Automation Clips will be automatically placed on the highest empty mixer track in the viewable area of the Playlist.

Deleting Automation Clips

Delete the Automation Clip Channel. Deleting the Automation Clip from the Playlist leaves the Channel in place for use later in the Project.

NOTE: Initialized controls - When an Automation Clip is created using the Right-click menu option, the control will be initialized with the current value. This initialization remains after the Clip is deleted or unlinked. To remove the initialization, find it in the Browser > Current project > Patterns > Initialized controls list, then Right-click and select 'Delete event' OR set the control to the desired starting level and Right-click it to select 'Init song with this position'.

Working with Automation Clips

The following operations may be performed in the Clip Track area of the Playlist. See Video Tutorials here.

A video tutorial is also available on the FL Studio website.

Automation Clip Channel Settings

See above for details on using Automation Clips.

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