Tell us about how you got into music ?

Music has always played a huge role in my life. I picked up a guitar at the age of 11. The initial reason I got into guitar was because my older brother Shlomo played and he got all the girls. I figured if I could learn to play enough Jack Johnson songs girls would fall in love with me too; sure enough it worked. Between guitar and freestyle-rapping over stolen beats from Kazaa music has always peaked my interest.


Tell us where the name “Aryay” comes from?



Aryay (pronounced ARE-YAY) is actually the name of my oldest brother, except he spells it “Aryeh.” The Word Aryeh in Hebrew translates to “Lion,” which explains why I myself am in fact a Real Ass Lion. Roar

Explicit language warning

How did you start using FL Studio & what does it mean to your productions?

I first started using FL completely by chance. Along with stealing music from Napster and Kazaa back in the day, my brother Allie used to download random pc games and software. I think it was completely arbitrary the he downloaded FL, but by God I’m glad he did. When I first started (I think it was around 2004-2005) I was convinced Daft Punk was in fact a punk band. I also thought at that time that Djing was something strictly done at rap shows, I hadn’t yet explored what is now known as EDM or anything related to it. I remember not knowing anything about navigating FL, and this was a time period when there were significantly less tutorials on Youtube. I used to go to this website for any FL related questions, and I had 1 million FL related questions! Anyway enough reminiscing… FL means everything for my productions. It has taken a lot of time for me to get as comfortable with the program as I currently am. I can finally navigate the DAW and do things I never dreamed of. When I made music a few years ago my basic goal was to create a melody in my head and be able to spit it out into the piano role; this is something that I can now do in a matter of minutes. That’s why I love FL, because I can just fly in terms of speed and getting ideas out. Also FL has updated numerous times since my first copy of FL Studio 7 Producer Edition XXL. I’ve been so stoked about each upgrade, as FL gets more user friendly each year. Long story short, FL allows me to do whatever I want in the music world. For example, I recently collaborated on a song with a singer named Elkka who lives in the UK. She recorded her vocals over there and sent an Acapella. This is something I could never have dreamed of doing, but FL made it possible and easy!

Tell us about your production environment & toys?

Mannnnn. My setup is super minimal. It’s funny too, because I don’t really have a ‘production environment’ per se. Nowadays all you really need is a laptop and some headphones, which essentially is my setup. So my environment is always on the move depending on what City I’m in, or who’s couch I’m sleeping on. I do require two things in my traveling studio however; those being Redbull and Peanut Butter. I know it sounds gross, but its my fuel I guess… As far as ‘toys’ go all my favorites are vsts. Currently I’m obsessed with Fabfilter Saturn, QuikQak Pitchwheel, and Xfer LFO Tool. They’ve been helping me create some very unique sounds, I highly recommend checking them out.

Do you have any links you would like to share?