AudioJack Audiojack are the Leeds (UK) based producers, DJs and label owners comprising of James Rial and Richard Burkinshaw.



Tell us about Audiojack?


I (Jamie) started writing electronic music at the age of 13 because I used to play a variety of musical instruments and loved composing so musical software had an instant appeal to me. I only had an Amiga at the time and used that. Rich and I put Audiojack together in 2005 and learned some PC software to write the music.


How did you end up using FL Studio?


A friend had FL Studio and we had a go with it. It seemed like a logical and ‘easy to pick up’ piece of software so we got ourselves a copy and spent a year learning and producing with it.


We must have made around 50 tracks on the road to getting signed, all on FL Studio. As time went by we got much quicker and could get an idea down right away before it was lost. That’s one of the main benefits of the FL software to us.




What does FL Studio mean in your current setup?


It’s our main DAW, since the program has evolved from when we first started using it back on version 5 the available synths and plugins have become a much bigger feature in our music. We are known for having an individual sound to our music and FL Studio has been a key part to shaping that.


What are the advantages/disadvantages of using hardware & software?


Hardware is much more hands on; you can turn a knob and get the desired effect where as with software you have to click and drag. This can be overcome by linking knobs to those on a midi controller which makes things much quicker. The advantage of software is specific for us. Because we’re touring lots, we can use a small midi keyboard and a laptop and produce on the road. You can’t fit a hard studio in your hand luggage.


What are you working on right now


We’re concentrating on original productions for our home label 2020 Vision and a couple of choice ones we’ve released on before: Leftroom and Get Physical.




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