BARE (Sean Rodela) has been pounding out Dubstep and more recently Trap & House, so loud, we heard it all the way over here in Belgium (Image-Line HQ). After we tracked down the source of this noise to LA we asked Bare to tell us about his journey so far.

Tell us about how you got into music ?

My artist name is BARE. I have been releasing music and touring for about 4 years now. Back when I was a kid I kinda always wanted to have my hands working on music somehow. I was in many bands back in the day, then one day a few buddies took me out to a dance party. Heard the music n got hooked, I wanted to make music that would make the whole party dance. I think that’s what really got me into what I’m doing now.



Tell us about the evolution of your sound?

I started off doing dubstep, did very well doing so as well. But over the years I wanted to do more expand, experiment. Now I have a whole new stronger sound. Working on trap, house music & other fun stuff. I just want to make music that everyone can find a groove to, have fun with & dance all night


Bare - image courtesy of North Bass Media


How did you start using FL Studio & what does it mean to your productions?

I started with a demo many years ago. i think FL1. I was hooked, the whole interface was very easy to use & I found myself making music in no time. FL means everything to my productions. There might as well be no BARE if there is no FL. The program just keep’s getting better & better with every new version.

Tell us about your production environment & toys ?

I run my studio in my bedroom still. I started out this way, and still have it going this way. I think cuss It’s looking me right in the face when I wake up, you know, work time! I run on a PC got a Lexicon I-Onix external soundcard, KRK Rokit 8’s & an Oxygen49 midi controller. Simple, yet gets the job done for me.


Do you have any links you would like to share ?

 You can listen to all my new and older work here on my soundcloud

BARE @ SoundCloud

Other sodial media include…

BARE @ Facebook

BARE @ Instagram

BARE @ Twitter