Cyriak Harris

“And now for something completely different”. Cyriak! If you caught the Monty Python reference there then you will definitely appreciate the brilliant animation by Cyriak. With a definite Terry Gilliam flavour Cyriak puts his own unique twist on the simple everyday sights and sounds we take for granted.


Cyriak with Tea

Tell us about your animation, music and yourself?



I’ve been making animations for about 7 years now, but I’ve been making music for a lot longer – since before I learned to use a computer in fact. Both my music and animation are very closely related in terms of narrative structure and experimentation, which is why I only ever use my own scores for my personal projects.

Cows 40 million cows views and counting!

How did you come to use FL Studio & what were your first impressions?

I came across Fruity Loops back in 2002. I had been scouting around for some music software that I could use to program drum loops and it not only suited the task perfectly, but provided a whole lot of other stuff to play with. It was also really intuitive, I managed to figure out most of it without any kind of instruction manual.


Music Video

Commercial work for Polydor

Tell us about your video production process?

Most of my videos start months before I even realise it. That’s when I make the music that will eventually inspire the visuals of the video. Once I have that mood and structural framework to go on, the animation seems to make itself (though I have to hold a gun to its head sometimes). Once I have a vague idea of the entire video I just plough into it, making things up as I go along, wasting whole days on things that don’t work, there’s a lot of experimentation and trial and error involved.

Do you have any links you would like to share?


My website, My YouTube channel

Commercial work for Adult Swim