Daniel Ferri

Tell us about yourself and how you got into music?

I remember always being interested in music, but it wasn’t until I saw the band Muse live I got slapped in the face with inspiration. It wasn’t really the main band, Muse that inspired me to start creating music – but moreso the opening band. The fact they were unknown and nobody was really dancing to their songs, yet they were opening for a huge band was incredible! It made me realize how possible it was to have a career in music.

Tell us about your past and present projects?

Just from using FL Studio to create my music videos on YouTube, I was able to pass the first round of NBC’s show “The Voice”. They were such a fan of my music they invited me to skip the first round and audition for the show! I’ve used FL Studio for voice acting for films and creating original songs for movie soundtracks that will premier in some UK film festivals at the end of 2016.

How did you start using FL Studio & what does it mean to your productions?

What’s really strange is how I got involved with FL Studio. Before I even had a desire to create music, a really nice person who I didn’t talk to too much stopped me in the middle of high school hallway and handed me a disc with an FL Studio demo on it. He said it was fun to use if you’re bored.

It was very random but thank God it happened! I was immediately hooked and shortly started using FL Studio not just for fun but for my job. It’s a very friendly and inviting program with a really beautiful and fun interface. It’s loaded with smooth animations, vibrant colors and beautiful simple designs, while at the same time being very advanced. It’s rare to find a DAW or really any program these days that is so powerful yet beautifully designed. While a lot of users will FL Studio for it’s ability to produce incredible electronic music, it’s just as good at creating post-rock and ambient pieces. I could never go anywhere else.

Tell us about your production environment & toys?

In the corner of my bedroom is where all the music gets created. I try not to get focused too much on the gear, and end up using whatever I’ve had lying around or what my friend’s don’t need anymore. With my Scarlet 2i4, Line 6 M13 guitar stompbox, my little Audio Technica AT2020, and 3 old monitors I found in my garage, I’m good to go.

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Daniel Ferri.