It was no surprise to learn that Ephixa is based in Canada, a country that has produced quite a few of our Power Users. His is the perfect example of a music career ‘powered by fan-base’, carving out a huge following in the Dubstep scene, no marketing department required! His YouTube channel has rightly attracted over 45 Million views. So it was well over-due then that we added Ephixa to our Power Users page and asked him the questions:

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Tell us about your music and yourself?

I got into music when I was 8 years old and was given my first guitar at 10. My parents were split up and my dad didn’t have internet so I would play guitar at my dads and surf the web at my moms. My dad kept a lot of instruments and would let me play with them as I grew up. Ended up in bands throughout most of my life and made indie games in my spare time. I actually ended up producing so that our games would have music. I was originally inspired by hard dance artists such as Alphaverb, Showtek, and Evil Activities. I would stay home pretty much everyday to produce throughout my highschool and college career.


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How did you come to use FL Studio and what were your first impressions?

My first impression of FL6 was that it could be a lot of fun, although pretty confusing for someone who had never used a computer program to produce before. However, I did find it to be a great program to learn with and I have never left FL because of my love for the piano roll. I know how to use Logic, Ableton, Pro Tools but I still always come back to FL Studio for its piano roll.

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Tell us about your production environment & toys?

My “toys” include Native Instruments Maschine, Sennheiser HD 280 Headphones and a pretty beefy Windows desktop. I feel hardware is over-hyped, it doesn’t make the producer. Composition and sound is whats important.


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