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Jayce Lewis

Jayce’s music came to our notice when KitMonsters, interviewing him, contacted us for a screen-shot of FL Studio, as Jayce was using it. Interest tweaked, we checked out some YouTube videos and were blown away by his energy and vibe. We can think of no better description for Jayce than ‘Power’ user, so crank it, sit back and listen…

Jayce Lewis – Shields (ft. David Prowse – Darth Vader)

Tell us about yourself and how you got into music and FL Studio.

I got into music at a young age. It was when I saw a Queen performance on TV (Live Aid) that it struck me. The sound of the guitar from Brian May, the rhythms from Roger Taylor, and the presence of Freddie on stage — it gave me this calling card moment… this is what I should do with my life. I use FL Studio because it seems to have all the attributes of a few programs all in one. It’s great for song arrangement, synth-making, and remixes. FL Studio is a great bit of software and really has become a big part of what I am as an artist.

Who are some of the biggest artists you’ve worked with?

Queen, Rammstein, Gary Numan, and Fear Factory are some of the artists I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

FL STUDIO CONTENT | Jayce Lewis Studio Drum Tracks

Tell us a little about the Jayce Lewis Drum Tracks.

The ultimate aim here was to create an organic library of some 40-50 drum loops and one-shots FPC’s — the difference here is that you are able to select the isolated close mic or room mics and mix your own drum sound. My studio (Northstone) has the most insane-sounding drum rooms, and so when speaking with the guys at Image-Line, I felt it important to stress the need for an all-round drum pack that covers overheads, room mics, and close mics. the outcome was exactly what I hoped it would be — a raw, hardly coloured kit sound that’s been captured through some of the world’s best outboard gear.

Jayce Lewis – Electric Medicine

Tell us about your production environment & toys.

My production environment is my own recording studio – Northstone Studios in Bridgend, South Wales. Originally I began with just two 2 monitors, a computer…and many organic instruments such as Laney amplifiers, Ibanez guitars, and a Tama drum kit in the spare room of my home, but since building and opening Northstone Studios, my creative environment and toys within it have changed immensely.

The desk I use is a modular desk console I designed and had built. Within that it houses Neve pre-amps, rare Rosser pre-amps, and a bunch of mix buss compressors with TK Audio, and AMS-NEVE. I have a cabinet island alongside that that hosts 2 x Rupert Neve 5254 compressors, 2 x Disstressors, and 1 x Fatso. I also have a load of Neve tape units and Roger Mayer tape units to add that saturation to all source materal recorded or mixed through. All of this is then plumbed into a bunch of Moses and Mitchel patch bays, which enables me to patch many things into one another. It’s fantastic, especially with things like cymbals and MIDI programmed synths. Those things get rounded off and add such a saturation and movement to it that you hear the difference immediately. The studio is comprised of 3 rooms: a control room, a drum room, and a second live room. It’s a great place to write, record, or just chill, and it took me around a year to build.

Jayce Lewis / Protafield | God Forced (FL Studio Session)

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