Jayce Lewis

Jayce Lewis FL Studio Power User

Photo courtesy Woodhouse Studios

Jayce’s music came to our notice when KitMonsters, interviewing him, contacted us for a screen-shot of FL Studio, as Jayce was using it. Interest tweaked, we checked out some YouTube videos and were blow away with his energy and vibe. We can think of no better description for Jayce than ‘Power’ user, so crank it, sit back and listen…

How did you get into music?

I got into music at a young age, It was when I saw a queen performance on TV (Live Aid) that it struck me. The sound of the guitar from Brian May, the Rhythms from Roger Taylor and the presence of Freddie on stage, it gave me this calling card moment… this is what I should do with my life.

Why do you use FL Studio?

I use FL Studio because it seems to have all the attributes of a few programs all in one, its great for song arrangement, Synth making and Remixes. great bit of software and really has become a big part of what I am as an artist.



Tell us about your production environment & toys?

Well, its pretty simple.. I have 2 monitors, and a computer… although I also have alot of live gear here, Laney Amplifiers, Ibanez and Gibson guitars all over the place with a Tama Drum kit. all the synths are just Computer and Program, no mixing desk, no pre-amps …..but Im sure that will change.


Any links you would like to share?

Yeah there’s a track I released last year called – Passes II, I remixed the whole thing in FL Studio in my back room. It was the very first thing I worked on to get my head around FL Studio. I was absolutely obsessed with FL for 2 weeks as I wanted to master the whole program, this eventually became a music video and helped me get a tour with Gary Numan in 2011, so not a bad result all round really, check it out:


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