Le Youth

Tell us about yourself and how you got into music?

I’ve always been into music. I grew up playing drums in bands. My parents bought me a 4 track cassette recorder and I started writing songs. I always liked the independence of knowing how to record and produce my own music and not relying on other band members or an expensive studio. I always aimed to make music on my own, in my own studio.

How do you usually start a new track

When I’m producing dance music, it always starts with the beat.

How did you start using FL Studio & what does it mean to your productions?


I started using FL Studio in 2000. I’ve never even considered using anything else. Making music in an environment that feels comfortable to me is everything. FL Studio is my bridge from an idea to a song.


Tell us about your production environment & toys?

I prefer to stay very minimal when producing and am almost exclusively in-the-box. I have a modest home studio in Venice, CA where I do the majority of my producing.

Do you have any links you would like to share?







Le Youth