Maor Levi

To say Maor Levi is a prolific producer and remixer is somewhat of an understatement. We were so imressed with Maors progressive trance and house discography there was no question we wanted him on the Power Users pages. Lucky for us, Maor wasn’t too busy to take the time to answer our emails…

Maor Levi


Tell us about how you got into music ?

I got into electronic music when i was a little kid at the age 12, listening to all kind of electronic music from Psy-Trance to Hard Trance,House and Acid…after few years, when I understood more about this music I decided to explore more into how this music is being made, and what made me love it so much.

Tell us about your big love for bass ?
Bass sounds have always been an important subject for me in every track, doesnt matter which style, in the past 3 years with Dubstep and Electro House hitting the markets it made me love and appreciate weird and interesting sounding basslines, the way they were made and how it works, i started to get into FM Synthesis using the beloved Harmor & Sytrus Ever since these 2 have been essential tools on every production.
The tools and amazing capabilities of Plugins and Synths these days gives you new ways and new techniques of creating unique and great basslines.



How did you start using FL Studio & what does it mean to your productions ?

I started using FL Studio through a friend of mine, who showed me ‘eJay’ is not the way forward or close to making music from scratch. (Haha!) He told me that FL Studio is something that might interest me, and it did…ever since he showed it to me I started messing around with this amazing piece of software until this very day.

What FL Studio means to me and my production is a Solid, reliable DAW that gives me the absolute freedom,speed and creativity to do whatever I want in few clicks…I could never have inspiration that quick if it wasn’t for the amazing engine of FL Studio.


Tell us about your production environment & toys ?
I have a tiny bedroom studio, figured that every plugin these days sound so amazing I wouldnt need synths on my desk, saved my room from extra dust haha!
The magic happens in this tiny room, having 2 pairs of speakers (Event Opals), a monitor control station and a strong solid PC and a good Soundcard.
Do you have any links you would like to share ?
Web site:
Thats pretty much it haha!