Matthew Dear

How did you get involved in creating music?


Growing up, I was surrounded by and infatuated with my father’s love of music. He was a folk musician, always playing guitar around me, and after discovering his Roland rhythm accompaniment drum machine, I realized that electronic music captivated my attention most. From then on, I began collecting various samplers and synthesizers, and later applied my discoveries onto my albums and live shows.


Who (& which albums) did you work with so far? Any pics?


I produce under my birth name, Matthew Dear as well as Audion, False and Jabberjaw. These are primarily electronic based mediums and I tour across Europe, N. America, S. America, Asia, and Australia promoting my releases.


How did you end up using FL Studio ?


It came highly recommended through various artists I’d meet on the road. I finally gave it a shot, and it immediately enhanced my production techniques, allowing me to experiment with elements of my sound that I had not considered before.

MDBC Abstraction from Ghostly International on Vimeo.

What does FL Studio mean in your current setup ?


FL Studio is at the heart of my current setup. I use it to chain an array of my favorite VST plug-ins and build my songs around it. Whether building and entire song, or simply exporting a snapshot loop of my work for use in another program, it always starts with FL Studio.


What are the advantages/ disadvantages of using hardware & software?


Ease of accessibility and connectivity is a strong feature of creating music with software. Today, it is getting harder to travel with loads of outboard gear, so having a string of synths and samplers on a laptop can make live performances far more feasible. Unfortunately, the warmth of analog synths is lost when digitally crunched, but with the right tricks, aural problems like this can be avoided.


Any FL Studio loop (flp+samples) you would care to donate so our users can listen to/learn from your skills?


No, but I would like to say this. Learning to create music with software is a time consuming process that never ends. It is a medium that always allows for new techniques, ideas, and sounds, to be twisted, pulled and contorted. There is an endless combination of strategies, and with determination, just about anyone can become a truly inspiring musician.”


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