Mike Oldfield

How did you get involved in creating music ?


My dad had a guitar hanging on the wall and when I was about 8 I took it down. He taught me 3 chords C, F, and G after that I was only interested in playing guitar and making music.

Who did you work with so far ?


I started off playing in local folk clubs around Reading where we lived at about 10 years old then I got an electric guitar and had a band called Barefoot.


At 15 I made an Album with my sister Sally and at 16 I joined a band Called Kevin Ayres and the Whole world and we toured around the UK and Europe for 2 years. I recorded Tubular Bells at 19 and then I guested with a few people but not much.


How did you end up using FL Studio/Fruityloops ?


I found it through searching for music software for PC because my Mac and its software had become very complicated and unreliable.


What does FL Studio mean in your current setup ?


For a start I can work in a different environment than in my studio. I have a small conservatory that looks out on the garden.When I’m happy with a track I send it over to the studio and finish it off there.




Well there are some pieces of hardware I still need like a mixer and speakers Guitars etc.and I suppose I still need myself which is probably considered hardware apart from the creative part of me.


Any FL Studio loop (flp+samples) you would care to donate so our users can listen to/learn from your skills ?


I am working on my 22nd album and when it’s finished ( Next year ) I will send you all some files.


btw. It is very good to see a product like FL Studio which is available to all and doesn’t cost $10000000000 of dollars


We ARE still hoping it’ll bring in that much one day though 🙂


Hope you make it.







Article in The Times (and notice the FL Studio screenshot on the big monitor 🙂

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