Pete Marriott

Pete Marriott was Born in East Flatbush within the borough of Brooklyn (USA) and surrounded himself with music since youth. At the age of 15, Marriott began his professional music career with the The Boogie Boys 1987 track “I’m Comin'” (Capitol), A year later, he found himself producing The Choice MC’s “Let’s Make Some Noise” b/w “This Is The B-Side” (Idlers), the latter featuring a young Chubb Rock as the track’s narrator. The Marriott-produced “This Is The B-Side” became an immediate cult favorite among DJ’s who would make it an important part of their DJ sets for years because of the sound that many feel was ahead of its time. The song was also sampled by, among others, Soul Hooligan, Moby and Photek.

Pete Marriott Live

Tell us about your music, yourself?

I was a common fixture in various NYC recording studios as a multi-instrumentalist, sound designer and producer of major and indie releases I also produced “Me Done“, a underground classic by legendary Slits frontwoman Ari Up, and also directed the music video in which I made a cameo appearance. I am currently expanding my new Seattle based studio, The Tool Shed, a hybrid studio which incorporates vintage analog and state of the art digital recording technology. The Tool Shed is also headquarters of my production company, Illogical Industries, LLC. Where’s I’m producing several projects including his forthcoming concept album entitled The Uncomfortable Discomfort of Being Comfortable.

How did you come to use FL Studio & what were your first impressions?

A friend of mine introduced it to to me. When I realized how I could use it as a sound design and production tool I became hooked instantly. Aside from record production, I also do exclusive sound design for other record producers, so having something that is as fast and powerful like FL Studio makes my professional life a lot easier thanks to it’s intuitive design.


Tell us about your production environment & toys?

Custom Built PC running Windows 7
HP Pavilion a1747c Running Windows Vista
HP Pavilion dv6 Laptop Running Windows 7
Tascam M-2600MKII Mixing Console
Tascam DA-30 MKII DAT Recorder
Tascam 238 8-Track recorder
FL Studio
Native Instruments Komplete 7
FXPansion BFD2
Roland SP-808
Ensoniq ASR-X
Ensoniq ASR-10
Emu Emax
Akai S-900
Alesis Control Pad w/Hi-Hat and Kick Pedals
Epiphone Les Paul Jr.
Squire Bullet Strat
Washburn Bantam Bass
Akai MPK-49 Midi Controller
Akai MPD-26 Pad Controller
Akai MPK Mini Midi Controller
Numark PT-01 Portable Turntable
Numark TTX-USB Turntables
Numark CDX Turntables
Numark M3 DJ Mixer
Numark M1 USB Mixer
Numark Virtual Vinyl
Native Instruments Audio4 Soundcard
Native Instruments Traktor
Behringer Xenyx1202FX Mixer w/ Effects
Behringer Tube UltraGain Mic200
MXL 990 microphone
M-Audio Nova microphone
3 Presonus Firestudio Project
3 Alesis ADAT XT recorders ( I have lots of unreleased music that was recorded on 2″inch tape that I dumped to ADAT back in the 90’s that I’m now transferring to hard drives.)

Do you have any links you would like to share?

My official websites are currently in the process of being redesigned and consolidate so it will cover my entire discography. For now I rather just post my websites, facebook page and my artist page at my label’s website.

Web Site:


DJ Pete Marriott