I lived in North Devon (UK) for the majority of my childhood. I’ve been jamming out and improvising on the piano ever since I can remember. My Dad is a pianist, and he started teaching me when I was aged 4. A few years later I started playing the Saxophone, and joined some local bands/orchestra’s. At 13 years old I started getting into producing electronic music. I had discovered something that I truly loved, and after a year of hard work and practice with FL Studio I started releasing music under my alias ‘Teminite’ in 2012.

What part of your music is most important to you?

I’m working hard on my instrumentation skills to make my dream of performing live shows with Keyboard + Sax a reality.


How did you start using FL Studio & what does it mean to your productions?

When I was 14 a friend introduced me to FL Studio 10 at school. Having only had experience with very basic DAW’s before that, I marvelled at the limitless possibilities at my fingertips. It gave me access to amazing tools that took my music production and composition to the next level. The layout and workflow are perfect for my fast-paced way of writing. I love how quickly I can translate an idea from my mind to my computer almost instantaneously using FL Studio.

Tell us about your production environment and toys?

I’ve upgraded my bedroom studio gradually over the years. I do all my producing on a MSI GS70 6QE Laptop, along with Adam A7X Monitors and Senheiser HDJ S7 Headphones for listening and mixing my tracks. I have a Nord Stage 2 EX88 Keyboard and a Selmer Super Action 80 Series 2 Alto Saxophone which I use for my live performance videos. I use a Shure SM7B Microphone and a Steinberg UR22 mk2 USB audio interface to record all my vocals & sax playing..

Do you have any links you would like to share?

YouTube: /Teminite

Instagram: /teminitemusic

Facebook: /Teminite

SoundCloud: /teminite

Twitter: /Teminite

Spotify: /artist/5EEuae5uigQnwgYCl0s8EF



Sam (Teminite).