FL Studio 10.6 (beta)


Partial support for multi-touch monitors in FL & some plugins.

Added warning when attempting to save inside the backup/autosave folder.

Automation of MIDI out knobs now only destroyed when changing range.

Added support for nankKONTROL2.

Harmor: added import (drag&drop) for Komplexer WT wavetable files.

Harmor: added “Map audio regions to keys” with auto-dump to score, for Slicex-like drumloop handling.

Support for Windows “app commands”.

Plugin picker: right click to open plugin + its presets folder in the browser.

New View->Arrange windows->Tablet.

FL Mobile: updated file format support

FL Mobile import now looks for instruments in shared data path too

DirectX plugin scanning has been removed

DirectWave: resample loop points on FLM export, improved interpolation

Wrapper: bridge now uses FL’s processing thread priority for its processing

Added BassDrum synth plugin



Fixed a long list of big & small bugs as well as memory leaks, in FL & plugins.

Fixed bug in endless knob control of VST plugins.

Fixed debug log window not scrolling anymore.

Fixed crash when browser sorts by file type.

Changed font charset in numerous places, for foreign users.

Fixed little alignment error in pattern clips.

Fixed tempo-related stretching error when loading 10.5 projects.

Fixed problem with omni MIDI control linking.

Made ctrl+right click to zoom out on performance/song sections (like middle-click&hold).

Fixed little mixer menu annoyance.

Fixed small bug in PR zoom.

Workaround for Windows touch keyboard sending return twice.

Browser position restored better.

Fixed bug in arp tool.

Newtone: send to playlist when no wave is loaded no longer results in a file with empty name

Patcher: fixed plugin name when dropping VST .fst preset

Patcher: fixed crash trying to load unavailable plugin

Patcher: fixed two crashes in effect version

Wrapper: don’t kill automation when loading presets

Wrapper: Waves 9 x64 now shows shell plugin list

Updated Drumaxx, PoiZone, Sawer, Sakura and Toxic Biohazard plugins

10.6.1 (16/07/2012) Bugfixes & additions:
Bugfix in channel settings after loading channel state.
Fixed restoration of plugin detached state in some cases, & now remembers maximized plugins.
Improved GUI engine in many ways.
A lot !