FL Studio 11.1.1


64bit version of speech engine
Added support for Novation Launch Control XL, Launchkey (performance)
Added support for Nektar Impact series




Fixed filenames of samples used by “Dance with me” project
Fixed crash stretching big audio clips
Fixed loading settings for some VST plugins (64bit)
DirectWave: fixed bugs exporting to FLM .instr files
DirectWave: fixed trigger group behaviour across programs
DirectWave: fixed temp folder usage when importing external formats
Patcher: fixed deletion of dropped files
Wrapper: fixed binary message data handling in VST3
Wrapper: fixed crash of bridged Play VST plugin
Wrapper: fixed volume of stereo to mono conversion
Wrapper: fix loading 32bit VST plugins
Wave Candy: fixed crash when using some metering modes
Wave Traveller: fixed loading settings (64bit)
ZGameEditor Visualizer: fixed visual issue + other minor bugs
Updated BassDrum, Drumaxx, DrumPad, Effector, GMS, Hardcore, MiniSynth, Pitcher, PoiZone, Sakura, Sawer and Toxic Biohazard
Updated FlowStone/SynthMaker to version 3.0.5