FL Studio 12.1.6 (FL 12.2 beta1)



FLAC file export
Ogg files are now loaded without the vorbis acm codec
Added direct menu items to change color and icon of channels, patterns and plugins
Implemented Presonus “high-dpi” notification support for VST 2 and 3 plugins
Renamed “Flat display” option in plugin menu to “Simple list”
Manage Plugins menu item moved from Tools to Options menu
Replaced “Jap” in score preset names with “Japanese”
Added 3 Harmor template presets
Vectorized UI for multiple plugins




Fine tempo not loading
Arrows of track selectors aren’t scaled
Right-click outside render window cancels rendering
Sampler paste values do not apply
Color correction only applied to first track when multiple tracks are selected
Stuck note when selecting active channel
Automation clip affects song when it’s not active
Typing keyboard notes sometimes hang
Code excution vulnerabilities when loading certain .flp files
Crashes exporting to mp3 in 64bit
Create sequence from env editor doesn’t reset properly after a few times
Can’t open project from Windows in FL while another project is loaded in FL
Associate FL 64bit with .flp files
Mixer track presets include docked state
Unicode issues when exporting to project bones
Unicode issue with recent project menu
Unicode issue loading mp3 files
Unicode issue with progress when loading samples
Unicode issue when arming a track for recording
File settings access violation when adding a folder
Crash when rendering to .wav file
Empty browser snapshot
Error when exporting project data files and project bones
Issue when FL is on screen with different scaling than main screen
Audio Clips stretch without Stretch selected
3xOsc: different sound in 32bit and 64bit
DirectWave: crash with “auto normalize samples”
Edison: Javascript script error
Edison: crash in “FindInDll” script in 64bit
Edison: crash when acquiring noise profile in 64bit
Edison: crash closing FL while Edison is recording
Patcher: hung notes with VST plugins
Patcher: Harmor cuts audio
Patcher: freeze triggering notes on VFX plugins
Slicex: tune loop crash
Slicex: recoloring channel changes piano roll view mode
Vocodex: noise when project is loaded
WaveShaper: no controls inside Patcher when scaled
Wrapper: load correct version for more plugins with different names of 32bit & 64bit
Wrapper: default “notify about rendering mode” to on for VST 3 plugins
Wrapper: Slate VMR doesn’t paint entire UI in 64bit
Wrapper: send automation and param changes to VST 3 editors when UI is hidden