FL Studio 12.2


FL Studio 12.2 launch video:




Additions & changes:  

Vectorized UI for DrumSynth Live and X-Y Controller
Type to piano scripts updated
Fruity Delay Bank: right-click to solo a bank (instead of popup menu)




Crash when changing input\par
Reverted to ogg codec to load ogg-encoded wave files\par
Ogg file export crashes\par
Preset selectors disappear when plugin window is captionized\par
Freeze changing mixer track assignment\par
DirectWave: ogg encoded wave files have clicks\par
Edison: keyboard shortcuts don’t work\par
FPC: incorrect pad name in “Change name” window\par
Fruity dB Meter: meter scale is wrong when plugin is resized\par
Fruity DrumSynth Live: scales with legacy scaling option