FL Studio 12.3.1 beta 1


Additions & changes: 

Added Transistor Bass plugin
Vectorized UI: FPC, Harmless, Ogun, Parametric EQ 2, SimSynth, Slicex, Vocodex
Custom mapping formulas for controller links
Browser: restored option to open samples in Fruity Slicer
New “Alternative mixer highlighting” option to work with very bright or dark colors
Dashboard can now be resized from the window border    
“Optimize for” now always defaults to multi-button mouse on install
Plugin Manager: window can now be set to remain on top of other windows
Improved support for command-line rendering
Improvements to loop recording




64bit related crashes in:
    – Boobass
    – DirectWave
    – FL Slayer
    – Fruity Scratcher
    – Patcher
    – Soundgoodizer
    – VFX Key Mapper
    – VFX Keyboard Splitter
    – Wave Traveller
+ label in color menu isn’t scaled
“Arrange windows into workspace” problem with certain monitor layouts
“Auto select linked modules” doesn’t work on playlist audio clips
Black rectangle when selecting item from menu
Channel names inconstent when Auto name channels is off
Channel rack doesn’t resize properly when FL is started    
Corrupted audio when rendering
Crash closing MIDI devices (64bit)
Crash using “Open shell menu” in browser (64bit)
Drop Patcher on channel without holding shift doesn’t replace the existing plugin
Empty filename can be added to sample history in channel settings
File save dialog doesn’t add default file extension when necessary
Generic links for mixer track controls only work when plugin in first slot is focused
Hyphen at start of automation clip name makes it unselectable
Incremental scrolling doesn’t work with small scrollbars
Incorrect alignment of mute/solo buttons in mixer plugin slots
“Invalid midi out handle” error (64bit)
Multiple selected mixer tracks can only be renamed and colored once
Noise when loop recording
Ogg Vorbis codec crashes (64bit)
Peaks in mixer’s Current track are not aligned properly in Extra Wide mode
“Remove sample” in channel settings doesn’t work
Selecting a different channel while recording will mute voices
“Type in value” doesn’t work for interfaceless VST plugins
Wavpack files don’t load (64bit)
BooBass: high cpu usage when multithreaded
Control Surface: color picker is transparent
Dashboard: scaling problems
Dashboard: font name garbage when exporting to text
Dashboard: font size saved with more precision
EQUO: responds to clicks below graph area
Fruity Slicer: stretch options are not correct
Fruity Vibrator: crash on close (64bit)
Gross Beat: scratch wheel doesn’t hide in some cases
Maximus: missing compression indicator switch
Patcher: window closes when selected from Plugin Picker
Patcher: doesn’t show message when hybrid plugin is loaded
Plugin Manager: some shell plugins detected as effect instead of generator
Plugin Manager: plugin list scrolls too fast
Plugin Manager: some VST3 plugins fail to scan
Plugin Manager: doesn’t show vendor name for FL plugins
Plugin Manager: doesn’t show plugin list
Plugin Manager: deletes directory junction when favorite is deselected
Plugin Manager: shows effect and generator favorite of plugins with same name
Plugin Picker: fades out when “don’t distract me” is selected
Plugin Picker: black window when fading out and desktop composition is disabled
Razer Chroma: doesn’t work when window is hidden or minimized
Sytrus: doesn’t save the state of the preview keyboard
Sytrus: OSC harmonics hidden when zooming
Sytrus: OSC harmonic editor extends below the scroll bar
Sytrus: missing Inactive feedback when operator is in Pluck mode
Wrapper: VST3 plugins don’t load
Wrapper: BreakTweaker crashes when loading project
Wrapper: drop preset for VST plugin on that plugin doesn’t change its settings
Wrapper: FL doesn’t receive key strokes when plugin UI is focused
Wrapper: can’t replace one Waves plugins with another
ZGE Visualizer: doesn’t load in Patcher