FL Studio 12.4.2


Additions & changes: 

From FL Studio (March 2017):
Tempo Tapper mute option is now off by default

From FL Studio 12.4.2 RC2:
Added Control Creator to FL Tools menu and Control Surface popup menu


From FL Studio 12.4.2 RC1:

Can now use Ctrl+C to copy text from FL warning and error messages
Saving and loading projects is now buffered (potentially faster)
Show progress while saving project    
Tree view option for favorite plugin menus
Patcher: added plugin favorites menu back
Razer Chroma: support for Ornata Chroma
ZGE Visualizer: new effect (scenes\RhodiumLiquidCarbon)




From FL Studio (April 2017):

Blank export when “Wait for input” is enabled
Crash loading Pitch Shifter plugin
Crash rendering mixer tracks
Demo plugins not deleted when loading song
Template doesn’t load when .fst file is loaded from command line
Beepmap: distortion when “Grainy” option is on (64bit)
FL Keys: doesn’t load preset
Fruity Bass Boost: doesn’t initialize properly
Wrapper: automation links are lost when bridging a plugin


From FL Studio (March 2017):

Audio clip erased on playback after when rendered from mixer track
Auto name channels off still changes channel name when selecting presets
Auto name effects off causes effect slots to get no name when loading a song
Incorrect hints for interpolation menu entries in render window
Memory use increases when rendering mixer tracks
Recorded audio clip plays after it should end
Tempo Tapper has wrong help file page

From FL Studio 12.4.2 RC2:

Channel color doesn’t change after selection
Garbage text in MIDI output list
Incorrect plugin thumbnails
Incorrect behaviour in function to detect silence
Control Surface: have to click multiple times to reopen popup
FL Mobile: updated to latest version
FL VSTi: access violation on exit in Ableton Live
Ogun: invalid window handle error loading preset


From FL Studio 12.4.2 RC1:

Audio tail cutoff during playback loop
‘Auto create clip’ causes empty audio clip channel when disabled
Data corruption initializing mixer track map
Deleting channel above playing channel messes up performance playback
Effect slot mute/solo button position is wrong
Error creating .ZIP file because of unicode characters in sample filename
Error recording multiple mixer inserts into the PL with a Channel Rack filter selected
Failure to load VST plugins    
Freeze adding step while playing
Graphical problem dragging files with Fruity Dance loaded
Help file crashes program
Hyphen at start of pattern name causes it to appear as a separator in menus
Incorrect filename if .ZIP is selected when saving a project
Loop recorded clip added to start of loop when triggered at different position
Maximize to all monitors doesn’t use all monitors
Menus flicker when showing submenus
Merge similar patterns doesn’t work in 64bit
Mixer menu popup position works better
News downloader prevents FL to start
Note triggered from computer keyboard keeps playing when root note is changed
Open and save dialogs updated in various places
Playback tool doesn’t stop clip when starting another one
Plugin chosen in Plugin picker replaces Patcher channel    
Progress meter flickers during .ZIP file operations
QuickFontCache prevents FL to start

Recorded audio is placed randomly in PL    
Riff Machine accept button is cut off
Sample preview doesn’t work
Sampletank 2 plugin requires admin mode
Slip tool creates gaps between clips
Tempo undo creates additional undo item
Toolbar menus popup below toolbar even when toolbar is at bottom
Uninstalling FL ReWire doesn’t work
Voice count increases when looping
Autogun: keyboard only responds partly when scaled
Beepmap: crash loading a wide image an scrolling it
Control Creator: crash setting smooth knob style to zero
Dashboard: crash changing presets
Dashboard: scaling improvements
DirectWave: crash opening .SF2 file
FPC: error when clicking on unused pads after .DWP import
Fruity Bass Boost: doesn’t load in 32bit
Fruity Limiter: ceiling value crash
Fruity X-Y-Z Controller: memory leak
Harmor: memory leak
Newtone: stuck warp mode icons
Patcher: stuck notes
Plugin Manager: Waves plugins lose individual names after rescan
Spectroman: uses incorrect font file
Sytrus: doesn’t update some knobs when loading presets
Sytrus: X-Y knobs snap at center values
Vocodex: ‘Freeze Envelope’ can’t be automated
Wrapper: Melodyne VST3 doesn’t resize
Wrapper: sends key commands to plugin when editor is closed
Wrapper: VST3 program change problems
ZGE Visualizer: can’t open .GIF files
ZGE Visualizer: progress window disappears when exporting video
ZGE Visualizer: problem with FrameBlur effect