FL Studio 12.9.0 [beta]


Additions & changes: 

Time signature support in project settings and time signature markers in the playlist and piano roll
The mixer now has 125 inserts
Automatic PDC works when channels and tracks with different latencies are routed to a track
Mixer racks can now have custom input and output latencies defined instead of pre and post delay
Legacy precomputed effects can be edited in the channel settings window again
Added sample start and length precomputed effects
FL now uses the online version of the help file
Locating plugins is faster in some cases
Improved visibility of clip borders in solid view mode
Most FL plugins now support unicode characters when exchanging filenames and other text with FL
Sync option for tempo tap is now off by default

DirectWave: a zone’s loop type can now be set for all selected zones at once
DirectWave: new “Copy to selected zones” option for some zone parameters
Fruity Reeverb is now an FL plugin with a 64bit version
Patcher: improved memory usage of delay buffers
ZGE Visualizer: layers can be collapsed
ZGE Visualizer: buffered layers are more obvious now
ZGE Visualizer: new “SplinePeaks” effect

Autogun and DrumSynth Live are now available on macOS



Memory leak when closing FL
Mixer: delay compensation doesn’t work well when tracks are routed to delayed and non-delayed tracks
Picker panel: odd behaviour with ctrl+click and a selection
Force refreshes option can lead to too many window redraws

Beepmap: freeze when pressing the copy button
FPC: can’t import monolithic DirectWave program files
FPC: access violation changing icon and color from a pad’s context menu
FPC: wrong pad affected when changing icon and color from a pad’s context menu
FPC: pad colors and icons don’t update when switching banks by using the prev and next pad buttons
MIDI Out: pitch bend data from older projects not played back correctly
Patcher: right-click on preset selector in plugin window doesn’t open FL browser to the preset folder
Patcher: Fruity Formula Controller help doesn’t show the correct page
Sytrus: huge cpu usage in 32bit version in some situations

Access violation – PRForm already exists
Dialog windows open at position of focused windows
IL Remote is not detected (64bit)
Occasional incomplete or corrupt wave file exports
Playlist: the keyboard shortcut Shift+M (stretch mode) doesn’t work
Text input in plugins doesn’t work
TS404 tab is visible in the channel settings window

Edison: detect tempo causes application to crash
Hardcore: crash when inserting plugin
Patcher: Parametric EQ2 editor window is blank
Plugin Manager: new search paths are not saved
Plugin Manager: log file is not created
Plugin Manager: doesn’t remember its settings
Soundgoodizer: crash on load
Wrapper: only one instance of any FabFilter VST3 plugin can be loaded at the same time