FL Studio 12.9.1 [beta]


Additions & changes: 

Additional time options for Tools > “Dump score log to selected pattern”
Channel names can now be aligned to the left or centered
Consolidate selection of pattern clips in Playlist to audio clips
“High visibility” option will show selected options more clearly
Increased kerning of text in the browser
Improvements to song position calculations when there are tempo changes
Metronome is delayed to compensate for mixer’s output latency
Mixer: option to reset all manual latency values to zero
Mixer: two new layouts with track names at the bottom
Mixer: latency icons show blue for manual latency and orange for automatic latency
Mixer: use (ctrl +) mouse wheel over a latency icon or label to increment and decrement it
Mixer: removed “Set for all tracks” option from plugin delay compensation menu
Mixer: the maximum manual latency is now 5 seconds instead of 1
Option to show password in About window
Picker panel: “Select from playlist / channel rack” option to select clips when clicked on in PL and CR
Playlist now has 500 tracks instead of 199
Playlist has suport for multiple arrangements
Project is changed to time signature mode if it uses 4/4 time division
Punch in and out recording markers in the PL
Quantize automations is now off by default
Recorded data is shown in the PL while recording
Sample start position for sample and audio clip channels
Sample scope in channel settings now has line at zero
Transport toolbar is broken up into two single row toolbars

DirectWave: browser now reacts to enter key
Edison: support for 24bit wave file export
Edison: “Fancy mode” is off by default
FPC: added preset selector to pad rename window
FPC: show activity on empty pads
Plugin Manager: store relative paths for preset and FL plugin filenames in plugin database NFO files
Razer Chroma: now uses generic device detection with support for more devices
Reeverb 2: added Mod Speed and Mod Depth parameters
VFX Keyboard Splitter: note names are shown in the keyboard view
Wrapper: a manual latency offset can now be defined
ZGE Visualizer: new parameters for Polar and SplinePeaks effects
ZGE Visualizer: support for 3D-models in OBJ format
ZGE Visualizer: show “Paused” text while in pause mode
ZGE Visualizer: show a folder select window when assets are missing
ZGE Visualizer: new “Tree display” option in effect select menu
ZGE Visualizer: support for custom export resolutions

Use OpenSans-Regular instead of Arial for small font


Diagnostic: lists products that can be unlocked



Add plugin menus don’t show first folder item
Clip placement when recording multiple tracks is wrong
Crash when saving project while FL is closing
Crash loading the demo project “Adam Szabo – One Day (Funky Mix)”
Crash when recording MIDI data
Ctrl + left click on samples in the browser does not replaces samples
Double-click on audio or automation in Pattern Picker doesn’t always focus the correct editor
FL plugins can now communicate unicode filenames and strings with the host
Incorrect channel name when a plugin creates a new audio clip
Korean characters are not displayed
Memory display options are not remembered
Mixer: effect slot name is not reset when effect is deleted
Mixer: color and icon change menu items are enabled on empty effect slots
Mixer: moving tracks with mouse wheel positions the cursor over controls that respond to mouse wheel
Mixer: the dry signal for an effect slot is now delayed to compensate for the plugin’s latency
Mixer: adjusting volume for multiple selected tracks does not remember relative values
Mixer: muting track causes clicks
Mixer: crash when arming or disarming tracks while recording
Mixer: moving tracks around produces high cpu usage and crackles in the sound
Name of empty effect slot and new channel is not set to plugin name when the “auto name” option is off
No shortcuts in pattern menu
PL: Shift + C selects clips for current but also for previous source
PL: View > Time segments doesn’t work
PL: “Actions” in marker popup menu is ticked for markers with type set to “None”
PL: underruns when moving markers with time signatures
PL and PR: can’t scroll through tools popup menu with right-mouse button and scroll wheel
Plugin window toolbar is sometimes open or closed after loading a preset, when it should not be
PR: quantizing recorded notes in “Line” snap mode leads to inconsistent lengths
“Preview mixer tracks ” option only goes up to 104 instead of 125
Render to DW program window has graphical keyboard glitch
Several resizable plugins have oversized editors when a project is loaded
Stack overflow loading “Iridium – Hanging on (remix)” demo project

Delay 3: artifacts at samplerates below 44100Hz
DirectWave: auto and fixed checkboxes for Glide mode are reversed
DirectWave: incorrect mouse cursor for zone list / zone grid splitter
DirectWave: no pause at center of mod matrix knobs
DirectWave: “Delete part after loop” uses incorrect loop end
DirectWave: crash when there are unicode characters in the file path
DirectWave: no longer referencing folder containing project for audio files
Edison: send to playlist and to channel options don’t work
Edison and others: incorrect channel name when sample is sent to an audio clip
Edison and others: name of sample dragged out of plugin is the same as the original
Formula Controller: recompile required after loading a project
FPC: splitter position changes when resizing
FPC: envelope editor hidden behind layer panel
Ogun: Master Level parameter is shown as an unknown event
Patcher: crash loading a preset
Patcher: no preset selector for SimSynth
Patcher: Fruity Dance’s “Show settings” button doesn’t work
Razer Chroma: high cpu usage when idle
Scratcher: parameter values jump around when automated
Sytrus: FX send selector uses an incorrect track index
ZGE Visualizer: BoxedIn effect’s ImageMove parameter has no effect
ZGE Visualizer: buffered image displayed with wrong aspect in “Image” layer
ZGE Visualizer: external content paths aren’t saved relative to presets folder
ZGE Visualizer: wrong effect selected at bar 25 of demo project “Tomas Chavez – Raubana – LIFE”

Can’t input characters with various languages
Can’t load project created in alpha release
Quantize in the PR sometimes crashes

DirectWave: font issues
DirectWave: editing zone name doesn’t work
FPC: holding ctrl or shift opens a save window
Notebook: rich text format characters aren’t displayed
Patcher: Parametric EQ 2 has a graphical problem
Patcher: scrolling over Parametric EQ 2 causes a crash
Plugin Manager: plugins are always verified, regardless of the state of “Rescan previously’
Plugin Manager: VST and VST3 plugins are not combined
Wave Candy: no resize cursor on borders of scope window
Wrapper: Cakewalk CA-2A plugin crashes
ZGE Visualizer: can’t load ImageUnscaled effect


Plugin Manager: “can’t create file” error during scan