FL Studio 12.9.2 [beta]


Additions & changes: 

“Hide plugin toolbars by default” is now on by default
In-app purchase of FL and plugins
Mixer: option to clear a track
New VFX Level Scaler plugin for Patcher
Piano roll: the root note is more visible with keyboard scale highlighting
Playlist: option to completely hide grouped tracks
Playlist: mini preview in the scrollbar is now on by default
Playlist: show drop location of samples when dragging from the browser
Playlist: multiple takes are grouped when recording
Playlist: options to mute and unmute all clips on a track to make undo of consolidation easier
Option to unlock with a downloaded regcode file in the about window
Render window: new options to save loop and playlist markers
Render window: renamed “Save Acidized” to “Save tempo information”
Render window: renamed “Save slice markers” to “Save note markers”
User Projects and Backup folders are now in an “FL Studio” subfolder in the shared data folder

Convolver: added control to report an impulse’s latency to the host
Razer Chroma: Blade Pro (2017) support
Reeverb 2: same phase is now used for left and right signals
Updated BassDrum, Drumaxx, Drumpad, Effector, GMS, Hardcore, MiniSynth, Morphine, PoiZone, Sakura, Sawer and Toxic Biohazard to latest versions
ZGE Visualizer: increased responsiveness to “Linear” peak effect
ZGE Visualizer: color button on HTML tab to paste color into test
ZGE Visualizer: HTML text position and size can now be specified in decimals
ZGE Visualizer: copy/paste layer to and from clipboard

– AudioUnit support
– Plugin Manager now uses a bridge to scan plugins, for more stability

Updated FL Studio Mobile plugin to latest version




Access violation when deleting patterns
Attempting MP3 export at unsupported sample rate produces MSGForm error
Audio clip plays from an incorrect sample position
Can’t play notes on channel window if that channel is not in the selected filter group
Can’t scroll by dragging in picker panel at maximum height
Crash dropping Fruity Slicer on a playlist track header
Consolidate doesn’t default to “Resample” when creating channels
Consolidate doesn’t switch to realtime stretch when there are tempo changes
Choppy GUI after long recording
Cloning a channel doesn’t use a new name the first time, when auto-name is off
Dropping a 3xOsc preset on the playlist causes an access violation
Edit events window is always zoomed in all the way when opened
Generator plugins can be added to the audio and automation filter groups
High visibility mode causes controls to look or act wrong
Internally rendered audio files don’t have tempo information embedded
“Maximize to all monitors” doesn’t work
Mixer: can’t resize window after docking a lot of tracks to the side
Mixer: access violation using the “wide alt” view
Mixer: effect slot is not renamed when a plugin is replaced by another
Playlist: Automation clips can have envelopes with one single point
Playlist: track names aren’t visible
Playlist: track headers are black after selecting an arrangement
Playlist: problem merging arrangements with performance mode data
Playlist: “Select unused” doesn’t take arrangements into account
Playlist: time selection is broken when cell snap is active
Playlist: accidental replacement of audio clips when dropping them
Plugin Manager finds no plugins
Tempo map can slow down loading a project or opening the piano roll window
Undo “turn event into automation clip” doesn’t work

Center: on/off labels are the wrong way around
DirectWave: slide notes affect notes on all channels
DirectWave: notes aren’t sustained, cut off abruptly or triggered multiple times
DirectWave: problems importing soundfonts
FPC: bank colors aren’t updated when a pad is selected from the menu
Harmor: incorrect hint for preview keyboard
Newtone: loop button doesn’t stay down
Parametric EQ 2: scaling issues
Patcher: plugins are labeled “Plugin state” when replaced
VFX Key Mapper and VFX Keyboard splitter: unused voices aren’t released properly

About menu links don’t work
Channel rack keyboard focus issues
Crash when using the enter key to load a plugin from the plugin picker
Piano roll glitch
Plugin Manager: doesn’t recall custom search paths
Plugin Manager: Waves plugins are not verified during scan
Plugin parameter values jump during adjustment
VST2 plugin resizing issues

DX10: audio issues
Edison: various keyboard shortcuts don’t work
FPC: broken UI
Free Filter: critical error loading the plugin state
Newtone: drag and drop freezes program
Parametric EQ 2 and Reeverb 2: UI problems on older Macs
Vocodex: UI problem