FL Studio 12.9.4 [beta]


Additions & changes: 

“Alternate mixer track highlighting” is now on when high visibility mode is on
Better names when merging and consolidating clips in the playlist
Menu items that have no hint use the caption as a hint instead, when high visibility mode is on
MIDI import has options to import time signatures and to treat zero-velocity notes as note on messages
User data is now saved to the “shared data” folder by default

Edison: added keyboard input button
FL Studio Mobile updated to version 3.1.891
Fruity Compressor now optionally reports its latency (on by default)
Newtone: scale menu is not closed by right-click anymore
Plugin Manager: verify option is now on by default
Slicex: new option to set the cut group for all slices to a value
ZGE Visualizer: added “Stripe Peeks” by Youlean


Improvements to scaling when there are multiple screens

Edison: denoise is now disabled

FL Studio DXi is no longer included




Access violation when the piano roll is empty and Shift + D is pressed
Can’t drag audio from the sample preview in the channel settings window to plugins
Mouse cursor remains invisible when F3 is pressed (to show a popup menu) while updating a control
News panel is empty until clicked
Notes pasted between two patterns are off by one or two bars
Punch in and out marker menu entries are visible when they shouldn’t be
Quick chop crashes when there are no notes
Sampler pitch doesn’t change after choosing stretch modes
Selecting Mode > Stretch in channel settings doesn’t work
Show drop area for samples dragged from plugins in the playlist
Touch keyboard fade out is incorrect at lower animations settings
Various fixes and improvements to new tool bars

3xOsc: the rounded saw waveform is incorrect in 64 bit
DirectWave: legato mode causes unstoppable notes
Edison: center line of EQ is now more visible
Fruity Phaser: cpu spikes in 32 bit version
Slicex: cut group edit box is too narrow
VFX Level Scaler: the plugin doesn’t process when the editor window is not visible
VFX Level Scaler: automation value range is incorrect

Cmd + click in the browser doesn’t replace a sample
Cycling through browser items stalls at at long file names
External tools can’t be selected
“Input disabled” warning is shown too often

Audio Unit version of Melda plugins aren’t listed in Plugin Manager