FL Studio 20.0.5 build 674 / 84



Support for Akai FL Studio FIRE controller
Fruity Convolver is now included in Fruity edition
Updated FL Studio Mobile




Behringer CMD LC1 custom pages do not work in some cases
Cut/copy/paste disappear from main menu when the channel rack is detached
Can’t select dynamic wallpaper after selecting an HTML wallpaper
Channel rack minimizes when dragged down to a screen below the current one
Channel rack: incorrect name used when plugin is renamed to its original name
Graph editor shows up on wrong screen
GUI glitch when changing presets on effect plugins
Mixer: preset filename is not used when auto-name is off and preset is dropped on empty slot
Mixer: focus moves to seemingly random plugin when trying to open a visible plugin from its slot
New version notification is never shown
Picker panel: patterns aren’t refreshed when they become empty
Picker panel: selecting many patterns is slow
PL: drop audio on picker panel creates a linked track
PL: grouped tracks still show as grouped when the parent track is deleted
PL: consolidated audio appears in the wrong place when the consolidated track has subtracks
PL: zoom issues when switching arrangements
PL: dropping an audio clip causes a crash when the “Audio” filter in the channel rack doesn’t exist
Saving changes to the current project does not execute the intended action after saving

Control Surface: crash showing control popups when one of multiple instances was removed
FL VSTi: crash in Live beta of 10.0.x
FL VSTi: the plugin is blacklisted in Cubase 9.5
Sytrus and other plugins: incorrect hints for some controls
VFX Level Scaler: velocity isn’t calculated correctly
WaveShaper: Reset option sets first envelope point to maximum instead of minimum

Access violation during drag and drop from picker panel to playlist
Dynamic wallpaper menu item is not visible
F1 doesn’t open help
Memory leaks in some cases

White screen in Glitch 2 plugin