FL Studio 20.1 beta 3



Added option for mono sample export
Automation of a channel’s assigned mixer track is not possible when linked to audio and instrument tracks
Show indication of “armed” status of the linked mixer track on an audio track header in the PL
Changed icon for FPS counter
Shortened mute lock icons
Added more information about the current project

Control Surface: added MIDI keyboard control
Patcher: changed generic plugin icon
ZGE Visualizer: added “Edit preset” button to Wizard



CoreAudio buffer length setting is now fixed to steps of 8 samples (to help reduce errors with plugins)




Audio clip channels linked to an audio track don’t show the audio track icon
Automating volume on an audio clip linked to an audio track creates a new PL track for no reason
Changing controls in arpeggiator and quantize tool windows will reset chosen pattern
Channel mixer track assignment is reset when double-clicking on a clip
Channel rack has incorrect height on startup with advanced loop controls if auto resize is off
Crash while loading a project with active looped channels
Creating an audio track from a dropped existing audio clip doesn’t paint the new clip properly
Deleting a pattern from an instrument track doesn’t work well
“Display preset name in selector” always appears as deselected when no plugin is on effects track
Dragging an audio clip to another audio track doesn’t use a “unique” copy
Dropping an effect preset on a playlist header doesn’t add the effect to the correct mixer track
Freeze when the PR re-opens after the “Split by channel” feature is used
Freeze when moving audio clips on audio tracks in some cases
Graph editor doesn’t update the event panel in the PR when editing parameters
Hang while moving an audio track
Issue with instrument and audio tracks when inserting PL tracks in some cases
Long delay whhen FL is closed and a large project is open
Mixer track names that start with – are shown as separators in the audio track selection menu
No message asking what to do when dropping an existing audio clip on a PL track header
Paste channels to new pattern freezes
Potential memory leak using consolidation when reaching the maximum available PL tracks
Potential slowdown of user interface because of instrument and audio tracks
PR doesn’t remember its position/size
Problems playing channels when looping is on and a custom loop length is set
Recorded audio on an audio track doesn’t assign itself to the linked mixer track
Resizing selected clip from left side doubles the snap
Right-click on an audio clip in the picker panel opens the channel rack if it was hidden
Scrollbar knob is not hidden when the Touch keyboard is very wide
“Set swingmix for selected” should have a space between swing and mix
Slowdown when scrolling in the PL
The mute button in the channel settings window is automated as an “Unknown event”
Thread error when exporting a score sheet from the PR
Track header caption is not updated when (some) clips are added and removed
Various issues rerouting channels and mixer tracks for instrument and audio tracks
Various issues with playback of looping pattern clips
When simple looping is enabled, newly added channels don’t have a loop length set

Control Surface: XY control doesn’t update linked controls
DirectWave: access violation
FL Keys: crash clicking on the ? button when it is loaded from the “Installed” section of the plugin database
Formula Controller: different results in 32 bit for some functions
Parametric EQ: potential crash
Slicex: no keyboard input after loading a sample



Can’t save to filename containing a “/” character
Drag sample from Edison to Newtone creates many copies of samples
Project time info displayed behind controls at some scaling settings
“Speech” entry shouldn’t be in the favorite channels list
When opening a channel with detached editor, the editor doesn’t get focus so can’t be closed with Esc

DirectWave: access violation
DirectWave: the browser shows the full path instead of [LIB] for the home folder
Patcher: keys get stuck
Newtone: edit area is scaled incorrectly at some scaling settings
Sakura: hang on preset “A Monk In the Tropics”