FL Studio 20.1 beta 4



‘Delete empty playlist tracks’ new menu item
PreFX recording
ZgeViz: right/shift click on a layer to solo it.




Bug with instrument tracks after adding new samples to the CR
Mixer track not linked/renamed/colored when using existing channels as instrument tracks
Automation clips names are too long when using instr/audio tracks
Audio clips from audio tracks moving mixer tracks is an unbearable workflow
Issue with audio track when cloning audio clips
The loop button on the Piano Roll window doesn’t enable looping
Crash sometimes with looping when modyfing loop length during playback
Move FX track selector too fast for instrument or audio tracks and it results in a visual mismatch
location of Lock icon changes when Layouts of mixer is changed.
EQUO graph part not scaled after reopening
Drag/drop plugin to Patcher doesn’t use mouse position (Mac)
First PL track can be grouped by dragging its resize handle up all the way
DW: “Replace sample” on multiple zones resets the key and velocity ranges so they are the same
DW: “Replace sample” changes the velocity and key ranges of a zone
DW: K-Trk value is reset when a zone’s sample is replaced
DW zone editor handles are too big at 200% scaling
Error when dropping samples on Slicex (“can not focus…”)
Problem with starting FL Studio after using “Offset %” slider in audio settings



Fixed various potential sources for AV-errors
External numpad can’t be used to select patterns
Glitch 2 Crashes FL Studio instantly
Surface do not remember size
Fruity Love Philter Editor targets and Articulator parts not labeled in Hint Panel (macOS)