FL Studio 20.5.1



Added new demo project: Musata – Real Bass (Original Mix)
Added new Saif Sameer Sytrus presets
When changing the user data location, it now offers to copy data from the old to the new location

FLEX: better error description if downloads fail
FLEX: click the pack name to focus the current preset in the right-list
FLEX: split “Online packs” section into “For Download” and “Store”
Plugin Manager: show a prompt when the user wants to close the window during a scan
Zge Visualizer: added button to reload images
Wrapper: added option to allow dropping files on VST and VST3 plugins

‘Associate project files’ checkbox in the settings window is removed
Menu shortcuts will now show “Opt” instead of “Alt” for keyboard shortcuts




Audio clips aren’t redrawn when changing pitch
Can’t remove generic links when the port specified in the link is not active
Clicking on blank space with multiple audio tracks duplicates all seleted clips
Changing the mute button of a PL track doesn’t mark the project as “changed”
Crash when deleting all patterns and automations in picker panel
Crash when the left and right mouse buttons are clicked together on the toolbar render button
Delete file in the browser can cause audio glitches if the sample is being previewed
Drag and drop of a sample adds the wrong clip if there are multiple clip channels with that filename
Dump score log to pattern deletes notes in unrelated channels
First clip made with “make unique” in the playlist can’t be deleted with the browser “delete” option
First looping of note in the piano roll triggers inconsistently
FLAC export causes incorrect output when the audio signal is over 0dB
“Manage plugins” doesn’t show Plugin Manager when it’s already running and minimized
Merge patterns in the PL and set advanced looping doesn’t enable the loop lengths of the pattern
Notes added to the step sequencer do not always play the first time around in song mode
Opening the Piano roll by double clicking on a pattern causes looping to break temporarily
Output monitor panel on toolbar doesn’t show any activity when it’s shown after it was hidden
Override generic link ignores mapping formula
“Plugin can’t be found” message even though the plugin can be found
Shift + up or down in the browser will focus the plugin window, which hinders browsing presets
Speech synth textbox shows incorrect hint
The settings window is too high on some some screen resolutions
Turning Advanced looping on and off and reloading a project hides notes in channel rack
User data location is read from wrong registry location
Wrong tempo in exported MIDI file

Autogun: FL doesn’t ask to save a project when changing the preset in the plugin
DirectWave: crash when loading a .dwp program re-saved from an .sfz file
DirectWave: Save As Program window should open when saving after 3rd party formats are imported
DirectWave: no edit field should be focused when the plugin is first opened
DirectWave: “Tune loop” doesn’t change the sample’s loop region controls.
Control Surface: default value can’t be set for digits control
FLEX: “Pack couldn’t be opened” message after downloading a preset pack
FLEX: “custom” option in delay section’s “type” combobox should be removed
FLEX: access violation when drawing peak meter
FLEX: per-note parameters now all work
FLEX: Master Pitch in FL would not be taken into account after loading a new Preset
FLEX: improvements to memory usage
FLEX: crash on Olbaid presets
FLEX: wavetable samples not reading properly
FLEX: faster loading of presets
FLEX: modulation problem with Ping Pong delay
FLEX: Ping Pong readout position bug which could lead to presets freezing/crashing
FLEX: plugin can crash if an instance is closed while downloading
FLEX: crash when the last plugin instance is deleted before pack download finished
Fruity Love Philter: the about image is not scaled on hi-dpi displays
Fruity Love Philter: no hints for top right buttons
Fruity Scratcher & Wave Traveller: drag and drop to doesn’t work when loaded in Patcher
Fruity Scratcher: fixed automation in old projects – breaks automation saved since FL 20.5!
Plugin Manager: can’t set plugin category to an empty string
Plugin Manager: allow favoriting plugins with the space bar
Plugin Manager: favoriting plugins in behaves strangely
Transistor Bass: plugin can be resized when it shouldn’t be


Crash when exporting to mp3 (midi input related)
Crash in popup menu
F10 doesn’t close the settings window when it’s already open
Nexus plugin crashes when trying to use “Synsopos” app
“Something went wrong” message when opening a plugin in a song or preset even when it’s installed