FL Studio 20.6




NEW Export rendered song to Soundcloud

NEW “Advanced fill” step sequencer tool

Access to articulator settings from the automation clip’s menu

Added default color setting for Playlist, Piano roll, Event and any other editors

Manage “don’t show this in the future” dialogs in settings window

Added “Reset on transport” checkbox to Plugin Performance Monitor

Added .midi file extension where .mid was already supported

Added an option to start with an empty project, a template or the project that was opened last

Added an option to burn notes from a channel to its piano roll, to allow recording of note output from a plugin or from the channel’s arpeggiator and other functions

Added an option to export audio for all playlist tracks, from File > Export or the playlist’s Tools menu

Added two new demo songs by Olbaid

Added option to render window to show the rendered file location

Added link to news page in news panel menu

Deleting an audio track now allows more control over what is deleted

Make unique as sample window has “Don’t show this again” option

Remember detached state of the channel settings window when cloning a channel

Replaced the “Theme” selector from General settings with a “Silent startup” checkbox

The color picker popup now has an indication for the default color

NEW Distructor plugin

NEW Fruity Voltage Controller plugin

NEW Newtone plugin has been split into Newtone (stretching) and Newtime (time warping)

Convolver and Slicex: removed KB input buttons from window (functionality is in title bar instead)

Diagnostic: improved recovery of corrupted projects (filled with zeroes)

Diagnostic: added detection of projects with broken content when “fix project headers” is used

DirectWave: support for FLAC monolithic mode

Edison: added an option to change the sample filename in the properties window

FLEX: add indication of available updates for installed packs

FLEX: show hint instead of modal dialog when there is a problem downloading data

FLEX: show a message when a preset can’t be opened

FLEX: when opening a project, any missing packs are shown in the missing data window in FL

FLEX: replaced modal error window when downloading data with an animated hint

FLEX: added a new parameter: Reverb Mod Speed

FLEX: Choose to see packs that include all or any of the selected tags

FL Studio Mobile updated to v3.2.61 (https://forum.image-line.com/viewtopic.php?f=1964&t=163040)

Granulizer: added sample display

MIDI Out: added options to enable or disable sending some data when playback starts and stops

Slicex: the envelope tabs now have “in use” indicators

VFX Key Mapper: animation of input and output keys

Vocodex: added option to use draft mode when rendering

Wave Traveller: added snap to grid option

Wrapper: added code to use a VST3 plugin if its VST2 version can’t be found

Wrapper: added an option to enable or disable smart disable for a given plugin and any new instances

ZGE Visualizer: new effects “Youlean Retro Road”, “Youlean Time Bar”, “Youlean Time Stamp”, “Raindrops”

ZGE Visualizer: Projection effect now has a “Transparent” checkbox

ZGE Visualizer: include NDI video streaming support

ZGE Visualizer: new effects “Youlean Image Rotation”, “Youlean Waveform”, “Youlean Drop Shadow”

ZGE Visualizer: FLAC audio output is now supported for mp4-files

ZGE Visualizer: uncompressed export now includes alpha channel

ZGE Visualizer: added option to save still image of the visuals

ZGE Visualizer: improved support for unicode characters

ZGE Visualizer: added option to display background pattern in preview mode

ZGE Visualizer: Improved preset loading speed

ZGE Visualizer: cables show dependencies between layers

ZGE Visualizer: the preview window now has an option to reduce the preview resolution



“Show splash screen” option is now disabled

Diagnostic: Added Mojave and Catalina to list of detected versions



Install to 64bit Program Files folder and associate project files to FL 64bit by default

Browser: added an option to the item menu to open Soundfont files in Sounfont Player (32bit only)




Access Violation after a lot of consecutive takes of playlist audio recording

AKAI FIRE doesn’t input correct notes to FX plugins

Ampersand in project names are not shown on the hint panel

Can’t apply precomputed effects to a sample when the project was opened from a .zip file

Changing time selection during recording should not be possible

Changing the sample rate to 44100Hz doesn’t show a warning message

Changing a plugin added via the track mode option in the playlist will mess up mixer tracks

Channel rack window doesn’t remember its original size after it was maximized

Channel rack doesn’t maximize when the “minimum height” view option is selected

Clips in the playlist have black text with a black shadow when the track height is set to minimum

Connected” status label is not updated immediately in the cloud accounts window

Crashing in Fruity Edition when a wave file is dropped on the playlist and there is no internet connection

Crash when merging pattern clips

Crash when adding a generator plugin after removing the last channel from the “unsorted” group

Crash when a plugin can’t be opened

Crash when dragging a plugin from the Plugin Picker

Crash when resetting a project that contains one or more layer channels

Delay compensation in the mixer doesn’t work when more than one hardware output is used

Dropping a MIDI file on the picker panel creates an audio clip

Layer cross fade and volume don’t apply to “MIDI output” plugins

Loop controls in the channel rack are not set correctly when they’re disabled and the project is opened

Mixer: when re-ordering plugin slots, the mixer and mute controls on the editor affect the wrong slot

Mixer: changing the name or color of a mixer track also changes always affect specific mixer track as well as target mixer track in specific projects

No default color in the color picker for the toolbar pattern selector

Online unlock shows a success message when there only a license for older versions of the program

Output scope doesn’t always refresh properly when the output is silent

Playlist track header doesn’t update when last clip is deleted by using right click and drag

Plugin preset name caption is not always painted correctly

Plugin windows are closed and reopened when loading a preset

Previewing in the picker panel disables “select from Playlist / channel rack”

Program freezes when trying to open a zip file that doesn’t have a project file

Project crashes at the end of arrangement / at the end of the render

“Render all PL tracks” appears in the piano roll menu

Sample length info in hint bar is not visible for samples with long file names

Selecting a mixer track can cause crackles in the audio signal

Sluggish user interface when under high load

Smart disable cuts off the tail of effect plugins after 4 seconds

Splitting a pattern by channel and then cloning all of them crashes the program

Start button on the render window is not focused by default

Starting playback in the middle of an audio clip after tempo automation is out of sync

Some small cpu usage improvements

Submenus don’t open when Shift, Control or Alt are held

Test window doesn’t ask to save the project when running a test

Text in the picker panel doesn’t change color over a similar background color, in high visibility mode

Time markers are added at the playback cursor position when possible, rather than header position

The height of a resizable plugin’s editor changes when switching between the editor and Misc tabs

The scroll bar for the picker panel is not always painted when the program starts

Autogun: discards plugin state when resaving projects with instances created before recent update

Control Surface: slider control’s height changes after re-opening project

Control Surface: when caption and name are the same, caption doesn’t change when the name is

DirectWave: “create program from samples” doesn’t work

DirectWave: the mod matrix doesn’t modulate its own amounts.

Edison: missing hints for some buttons

Edison: drag image is not scaled

FLEX: update macros defaults after preset load

FLEX: saving a project with the “Favorites” browser item selected will not open with the correct sound

FLEX: pack downloads sometimes time out

FLEX: Reverb Mod Depth and Reverb Color parameters do not work

FLEX: crash when playing notes in Mono/Legato play mode

FLEX : delay in the signal when the reverb mod depth is 0

FLEX : using monophonic polyphony doesn’t always work

FL Studio Mobile: mono mic input was recorded as stereo sample (on one side)

FL Studio Mobile: ‘Delete empty tracks’ for recording channel turns into an Audio channel.

Fruity Dance: crashes when opening some PNG files

Granulizer: crash when removing the channel sample

Love Philter: the envelope tab “in use” indicators don’t show up immediately

Maxx’ plugins don’t do anything when an entry in a control’s popup menu is clicked

Newtime and Newtone: the default save and load paths are now in the user data location

Newtone: there’s no image attached to the mouse cursor when dragging a sample from the plugin

PanOMatic: missing hint on the Speed control

Patcher: changing label’s font color changes background to non-transparent

Patcher: potential freeze when playing lots of notes from the editor window of a plugin

Patcher: there is no keyboard input button on the editor windows of plugins opened in Patcher

Scratcher: crash because controls are updated from the mixer thread

Scratcher: multi-touch doesn’t work

Slicex: crash using “Assign trigger notes to all” option

Slicex: there is no divider between the two decks, only a black bar

Wave Candy: crash when the window is too small

Wave Traveler: start and end point hints show less accurate values than before

Wrapper: VST3 plugins are not removed correctly (“bundleExit” not called)

Wrapper: check for resizing of VST3 plugins happens too often

Wrapper: migration of VST2 plugins to VST3 doesn’t always work

Wrapper: VST3 plugins do not show vendor name if there is more than one plugin in the same binary

Wrapper: bridged plugins don’t respect the “Notify about parameter changes” option

ZGE Visualizer: Watercolor effect can crash on some Intel GPU drivers

ZGE Visualizer: default position of detached window covers plugin window

ZGE Visualizer: include image and video files inzipped loop packages

ZGE Visualizer: preview shows up black for some users

ZGE Visualizer: inconsistency between output of “Youlean Color Correction” on different GPUs

ZGE Visualizer: when opening a project, missing files can cause animation window to be transparent

ZGE Visualizer: control positions do not move along with the window



Access violation (crash) when opening render dialog

Black screen when moving the FL Studio window to a secondary screen

Crashes locating files

Crash when the piano roll is closed while a mouse button is held

Drag &drop thumbnails are missing

Exported MP3 file doesn’t contain Author information

Piano roll window doesn’t open when its toolbar button is clicked

Resetting the buffer length slider in the Audio settings window doesn’t work for CoreAudio devices

The priority of audio processing threads is too low

DirectWave: NKI files can’t be opened

Edison: denoiser pans the sample when envelope set to max

FLEX: downloaded packs can’t be loaded on case sensitive file systems

FLEX : the plugin window is always detached

Maxx’ plugins crash on the second monitor if monitors have different scaling

Wave Candy: crash because memory is overwritten in some cases

Wrapper: Massive X Plug-in window shrinks each time you load a preset

ZGE Visualizer: doesn’t use full retina resolution for preview window



File association set from FL’s settings window doesn’t work in Windows 10