FL Studio 20.7.1 RC1



9270 Focus the speech dialog text edit when the window is shown

9191 New: macro to remove all Edison instances

8874 Show “All plugins bundle” in about window

9231 Show a warning message when a mixer track route is deleted and a plugin was sending to it

9058 DirectWave: improved plugin loading time when the the editor window is not visible

9071 FLEX: added Ctrl + Up and Down keyboard shortcuts to directly load previous and next presets

9216 Newtime and Newtone: added tempo display and tempo sync button to toolbar

9216 Newtime and Newtone: added “Use project time on load” option

9128 ZGE Visualizer: added more parameters to “Mobius Object” effect

9145 ZGE Visualizer: drop wave files to import list of video cues

9134 ZGE Visualizer: reduced video memory usage and increased performance for complex presets

9153 ZGE Visualizer: clicking on a video cue in the video cue list will now trigger this cue.

9223 ZGE Visualizer: fully transparent layers are now skipped to save CPU

FL Studio Mobile updated to v3.3.2 (https://forum.image-line.com/viewtopic.php?f=1964&t=163040)

9023 Scripting: added auto-detection of python devices

9124 Scripting: added mixer.isTrackMuted and mixer.muteTrack

9125 Scripting: added optional parameters for device.midiOutMessage

9131 Scripting: added pattern selection functions

9120 Scripting: added ui.setFocused function

9091 Scripting: added widPlugin option to ui.GetFocused function

9073 Scripting: scripts can now set a defined state for some functions

9207 Scripting: added optional parameters to transport.setSongPos

9248 Scripting: added function to get receiver port number

9237 Scripting: added optional value parameter for ui up/left/down/right functions

9226 Scripting: MIDI sync indicator doesn’t turn orange when event is handled




9204 Access violation when using the Kontrol F1 controller

9247 Audio/automation PDC switch in mixer menu doesn’t set the project as “changed”

9166 Audio gaps at beginning of recordings with PDC

9193 Audio sent from Fruity Send is not correctly delay compensated

9065 Automated controls don’t show the correct value when delayed

9105 Background picture and HTML filenames are stored without using environment variables

9111 Color names in the color dialog are not accurate

9269 Can’t create speech file in a folder that has unicode characters

9188 Channel Settings don’t open after the Channel has been renamed with Left+Shift Rename Dialog

9186 Color selector ‘Preset colors’ doesn’t scale properly for non-integer scaling factors

9106 Crash when importing a MIDI file to FLEX

9025 Crash selecting from the “most recently used” files list

8906 Crash selecting a file or directory in the “save as” dialog

8225 Crash in TMIDIInDevice_Fire.ProcessMIDIMsg

9150 Crash Report – Division by zero after using Euclidean Fill Type in Advanced Fill tool

9010 Crash report: FLEngine_x64.dll Exception: Access violation in GetEventIDInfo

9202 Crash when opening the online menu

9179 Crash-log generation doesn’t work for plugins

9170 Crash when rendering playlist tracks

9236 Crash when using the pattern picker’s Right-click > Select unused option

8963 Create DirectWave instrument window doesn’t remember some settings

9101 Drag line shows in picker panel after scrolling and then selecting an item

9035 Dropping a MIDI file on an empty space in the channel rack creates a new, empty channel

9102 Dropping multiple items in the picker panel on their original position behaves strangely

9143 Effect plugin windows are sometimes too narrow to show the mute button in the toolbar

9108 Events are incorrectly imported from a MIDI file that’s dropped on a FLEX channel

9109 Events imported from a MIDI file have a low value when FLEX is used instead of MIDI Out

9156 Fix grammar for – FL Studio has encountered an error and need to restart

8930 FL Studio suddenly stops working while adding FLEX

9062 Ghost events in the PR are shown in color instead of grayed out

9099 Middle-click in the picker panel doesn’t reset the selection but adds the item to it

9208 “NOT GUI THREAD” message when recording with countdown active

9274 Opening the last slot in a mixer track from a keyboard shortcut or controller doesn’t always work

9218 Palette editor doesn’t accept #000000 as a type-in value

9239 PDC for plugin mix level doesn’t work properly for plugins after a plugin with latency plugin

9084 Playback state is not always set correctly when there’s latency

9229 Plugin Picker doesn’t show up properly on very wide aspect ratio screens (ex. 32:9)

9245 Potential for deadlock in automation delay

9045 Problems after recording to filenames that start with a whitespace

9116 Recording audio into the playlist inserts the recorded sample in the wrong position when looped

9238 “Show files when complete” option is shown in render window when consolidating tracks

9172 Some patterns on playlist are not repainted until you click on them

9046 Time markers are lost after pattern merging

7636 Triangle icon added when a channel is named the same as a pattern

9178 Unwanted smoothing when rendering a song with the main level fader adjusted

9222 Using multi-link with some VST3 plugins freezes the program

9092 Wrong detection of focused window for Mackie CU device

9095 FLEX: problems loading presets that have the same name as those in different packs

9260 FLEX: mod matrix uses processing power even when its parameters don’t change

9151 FLEX : static noise on output in preset Saif Sameer – Dense

9176 Newtime and Newtone: “Drag selection” icon Right-click text bug

9252 Wrapper: MIR PRO generates loud audio output when 2 or more instances are loaded

9082 Wrapper: time information has an additional delay when behind a plugin with latency

9118 Wrapper: incorrect call sequence when resetting a VST3 plugin

9129 ZGE Visualizer: problems when using more than one instance of the plugin

9127 ZGE Visualizer: the “MIDI port” setting is not saved correctly if the value is 0

9144 ZGE Visualizer: Typo in “Youlean Peak Shape” parameter “tickness” (should be “thickness”)

9141 ZGE Visualizer: NDI output should be given unique names

9174 ZGE Visualizer: video sync does not start with “Start)” marker

9168 ZGE Visualizer: uDMX compatibility issues

9167 ZGE Visualizer: crash if a video is exported without a compatible GPU

9268 ZGE Visualizer: error message when Youlean Blur is first layer

9262 ZGE Visualizer: Audio Plane effect only reacts to audio when song is playing

9253 ZGE Visualizer: using shift + left/right to move a layer doesn’t scroll the selected layer into view

9246 ZGE Visualizer: Alps effect does not render at full height

9244 ZGE Visualizer: FruityDanceLine shadow does not use alpha value

9243 ZGE Visualizer: TextDraw prints white squares if first character is a space

9227 ZGE Visualizer: Video export quality degradation compared to FL Studio 20.6

9081 Scripting: continuousMove function does the same as continuousMove_pos

9088 Scripting: freeze when using MidiOutMsg

9089 Scripting: missing muteTrack function for the playlist

9123 Scripting: muteChannel and isChannelMuted functions works reversed

9104 Scripting: patterns.patternCount returns 999 when the project has no patterns

9114 Scripting: setChannelVolume uses a normalized value while getChannelVolume uses 0..1.28

9076 Scripting: setPlaybackSpeed with wrong values will crash

9090 Scripting: ui.GetFocused function always returns 0

9107 Scripting: ui.getVisible and ui.getFocused return wrong values for browser and PR

9139 Scripting: mixer.setRouteTo should return active state

9135 Scripting: transport.setSongPos sets position but do not relocate song

9130 Scripting: Call OnRefresh when value of linked control changed inside FL

9137 Scripting: Add transport.getSongPosTime function

9162 Scripting: Mute & Solo doesn’t trigger OnRefresh

9185 Scripting: Allow on/off values for channels.showEditor/channels.focusEditor

9201 Scripting: Add optional parameter to add full channel count with channels.channelCount function

8982 Scripting: Split “Controller type” list into script and built-in parts

9200 Scripting: Add error message for missing linked device

9189 Scripting: midi sync indicator doesn’t turn orange when event is handled

9184 Scripting: some channel module functions could crash FL with non-existsing channel

9183 Scripting: channels.isGridBitAssigned is not needed as separate function

9181 Scripting: some functions in channel module work filtered and some with unfiltered channels

9180 Scripting: channels.showCSForm doesn’t work

9171 Scripting: some setter functions doesn’t refresh the their windows

9165 Scripting: call OnRefresh when linked value changed in the program doesn’t work for generic links

9263 Scripting: channels.setStepParameterByIndex can crash FL with incorrect values

9240 Scripting: MCU doesn’t display latest character send to display

9235 Scripting: missing general.undoDown function

9164 Scripting: HW_Dirty_FocusedWindow is not fired on plugin focus changes

9163 Scripting: Assigning of the target mixer tracks for channels in the channel rack is laggy

9157 Scripting: Add PEAK_L_INV and PEAK_R_INV modes for mixer.getTrackPeaks

9136 Scripting: Add transport.getSongLength function



9173 Advanced fill tool crashes when closing

9228 Program freezes if a messagebox appears and the application loses focus

9115 SendKeyInput crashes when F12 is used while and external plugin is open

9221 Split “Controller type” list into script and built-in parts doesn’t work properly

9210 No crash dialog shown for exceptions in the UI thread

9093 Wrapper: VST3 plugins are not unloaded properly when removed