FL Studio 20.7 Release Candidate 1




4018 Automation and time delay compensation (experimental)

8105 Added automatic looping to the Advanced Fill tool in the channel rack

4299 Note colors can now be customized

3496 New color picker

8509 Added warning when changing the user data folder location

8568 Changed default template to “Basic 808 with limiter”

8593, #8627 Added menu items and a keyboard shortcut to arm or disarm all selected mixer tracks

8499 Added option to import MIDI files using FLEX channels instead of MIDI Out

7418 Added a way to run all tests in sequence

8684 Improved startup time with certain MIDI devices attached

8659 Added in-app shop button to the toolbar

8746 Added “Percentage” column to plugin performance monitor

8706 Added Help menu entry for the in-app shop

8824 Show a warning when PPQ is set to a lower value

8878 Added Shift+C shortcut to color channels with a gradient and Ctrl+Shift+C for random colors

4016 Added VFX Envelope plugin

8167 Distructor: Added Mono and Wide modes for Delay 3 based chorus

8673 FLEX: added support for previous and next preset selection via MIDI controllers

8715 FLEX: improved startup time

8788 FLEX: direct users to knowledge base in case of download errors

8661 FL Studio ReWire is now deprecated and will be removed in a future version

5097 FL Studio ReWire will no longer auto-start when FL Studio run while a ReWire host is active

8441 Newtime: Added an option to select the beat detection method

8745 Wrapper: optimizations to processing

7642 ZGE Visualizer: new and improved video export wizard

8689 ZGE Visualizer: new effect “ParamMorphTarget”

8709 ZGE Visualizer: changed the default audio quality for video export to 256kbps

8717 ZGE Visualizer: new effect “Audio Plane” by StevenM

8810 ZGE Visualizer: dropping “.zla” files on the “Add layer” button will now add a new layer

8830 ZGE Visualizer: updated NDI to version 4.5

8883 ZGE Visualizer: 137 new shader effects

8882 ZGE Visualizer: improved .mov file compatibiltity with the QTRLE codec

8889 ZGE Visualizer: effects are displayed in a tree view by default

FL Studio Mobile updated to v3.2.78 (more information on our forum)




8598 Access Violation with the Fire controller while changing mixer volume

8545 Advanced fill tool: Selecting a new channel doesn’t change the channel in some circumstances

8793 Arpeggiator is always one tick late

8735 Automation clip is created with zero value if there’s latency before the plugin

8585 Backups are deleted in wrong order

8569 Consolidate/export PL track exports tracks containing only automations

6881 Channel rack scrolls up when deleting a channel

8245 Crash during recording

8623 Crash loading a 2 hour long FLAC file

8257 Crash opening wavpack file

8590 Crash trying to import mp3 file

8564 Crash when deleting channel with graph editor opened under so6De circumstances

8307 Crash when dragging a sample over the playlist

8315 Crash when routing changes

8534 Crash with Akai MPG 25

8687 Crash changing routing when PDC is active

8658 Crash trying to unlock FL Studio from a file

8642 Crash drawing some images

8640 Crash when opening the piano roll

8425 Crash drawing a wave form in the channel settings window

8636 Crash when saving a mixer preset (unable to create a directory)

8590 Crash trying to import an MP3 file

8760 Crash at startup if FL Studio Fire edition is started without a device attached

8604 Crash when channel order changes

8753 Crash when IL Remote is enabled

8764 Crash when changing the pattern selector with a jog control

8837 Crash when resizing playlist tracks

8832 Crash in the playlist

8796 Crash in the channel rack

8787 Crash when notes are quantized

8781 Crash during audio recording

8817 Crash when dragging a sample to the channel rack from the browser

8677 Crash using “Burn MIDI to”

8494, 8495, 8571, 8696 Crashes when using piano roll tools (or after using them)

8652 Consolidate only mutes selected clips (or none if nothing is selected)

8843 Deleting a step in the graph editor doesn’t work if there other PR notes in that same step

8663 Error “Not GUI thread” during mixer track rendering

8559 Export too many channels when split mixer tracks is used

8865 Export to a DirectWave instrument crashes when there is a lot of data to export

8763 Issues related to recording and delay compensation

8639 Markers are not copied to new channels when using “split by channel”

8771 Missing value in the hint bar for most parameters when editing events

8488 Piano roll data is removed after using the Advanced Fill tool, even when it’s cancelled

8670 Piano roll “Strum” tool gives different length at different PPQ values

8531 Potential crashes when telling plugins about time signature changes

8631 Program freezes when moving a mixer track that has a sidechain input

8196 Recording doesn’t stop at the expected position when loop recording is off and there is latency

8699 Recording doesn’t stop when playback stops

8833 Right-click on the sample file name doesn’t show the sample history popup

8823 Right-click on a step doesn’t delete all notes within that step

8554 Shift value in the Graph Editor gets changed for multiple channels when it shouldn’t be

8560 Strange behavior after deleting a length marker in the piano roll

8737 The audio input delay line is not processed when the input has no reported latency

8710 The delay line for generator plugins doesn’t work when no audio is generated

8537 Time signature changes aren’t broadcast to plugins

8469 Timing issue and crackling sound with PDC and sidechaining

8650 Various crashes when creating new folders

8711 Diagnostic: most render tests produce a red result

8795 DirectWave: crash when using “pitch bend” control in multi-bank

8846 DirectWave: options have no effect

8849 DirectWave: dropping a sample no longer automaps it according to its name

8888 DirectWave: crash opening a FLAC file in 32 bit

8512 Distructor: deadlock when the effect slot’s enabled button is automated

8605 Distructor: broken automation if a module earlier in the chain is deleted when loading a project

8656 Distructor: the plugin is silent in the Wiselabs demo song

8707 FPC: delay compensation error when the plugin is routed to master track

8595 FLEX: browser scrolls to wrong pack on click

8694 FLEX: crash when the playing state changes

8719 FLEX: stretching goes out of time sporadically

8722 FLEX: crash when loading preset that use stretching

8720 FLEX : crash when loading Vintage Revival SH-100

8757 FLEX: the pack grid size is not reset when the General MIDI pack is used

8657 Fruity Balance: the last meter value shows when the plugin is disabled

8729 Fruity Limiter: notification of latency changes happens later than it should

8617 Maximus: there are sometimes invalid values in the audio

8672 Newtime: the program freezes when scrubbing audio

8176 Newtime: audio is glitchy while scrubbing if there’s a big stretch factor

8174 Newtime: moving slices breaks visual representation of the edited audio

8602 Newtime: long samples are not played correctly when started from the middle

8686 Newtime: moving the position marker in an empty instance will crash the plugin

8175 Newtime: dragging first slice to a direction can generate loud high pitched beeps and noises

8828 Newtime: the “Cut” button should be removed

8683 Newtime and Newtone: audio sent to the playlist should use “Resample” as the time stretch mode

8516 Newtime and NewTone: some samples don’t load

8561 NewTime: crash when changing the detection mode

8521 Newtone: playback doesn’t stop when mouse button and ALT key are released in wrong order

8504 NewTone: dragging some parameters in advanced mode causes the entire view to scroll

8543 Patcher: window doesn’t open automatically when a VFX plugin is opened in the mixer

8857 Patcher: voice properties can’t change after a voice was released

8655 Wrapper: sendTextMessage and receiveText don’t work for VST3 plugins

8462, #8647 Wrapper: crashes enabling and disabling VST3 plugins

8301 Wrapper: fxp presets don’t load properly anymore

8553 ZGE Visualizer: “Audio Src” can be assigned incorrectly after reloading a project

8634 ZGE Visualizer: “Point Cloud” point size parameter is not resolution independent

8762 ZGE Visualizer: video export wizard turns white sometimes

8718 ZGE Visualizer: color selector dialog sometimes appears behind the export wizard

8716 ZGE Visualizer: exported video does not play in web browsers and some media players

8768 ZGE Visualizer: “KaleidoRoad” preset has “ShowOrigin” enabled

8822 ZGE Visualizer: selecting the Vinyl preset and exporting leads to broken output

8855 ZGE Visualizer: “Could not create encoder” message when the filename ends with a space



8603 Dynamic wallpaper menu is not visible

8366 Hints are messed up in a specific project

8597 Mixer controls invisible when the mixer is wider than a certain size

8761 Zooming up and down is choppy

8621 Crash listing CoreAudio device properties

8550 GMS: crash processing tape delay

8724 ZGE Visualizer: “Point Cloud” effects do not work



8303 Crash writing settings to the registry

8276 Crash refreshing MIDI devices