FL Studio 20.7 Release Candidate 3



8983 The url defined in MIDI scripts is now used as the support link (if it’s on the FL Studio forum)

8920 Control Surface: use new color dialog

8955 Diagnostic: show additional information while performing initial tests

9022 ZGE Visualizer: added “Simple” mode to effect list




8976 Access violation scanning for plugins

8951 Automation clip preview in the picker panel doesn’t always update when it should

8995 Burn MIDI for step sequencer swing results in oddly overlapping notes

8962 Crash while moving patterns up

8956 Crash when adding a plugin

8912 Disk recording is offset if you select part of the time line not starting at 0

8974 MIDI scripting: OnSysex event is never called

8971 Old color picker appears when extended mouse buttons are clicked in the name editor

8948 Punch out recording is one tick late

9015 Control Creator: range check error when FXAttack or FXRelease for a button are set to zero

8987 Diagnostic: access violation during initial scan

8953 FLEX: scrolling is erratic when you get to the bottom of the pack list

8970 Newtone: playback position snaps back to beginning when slices are dragged op and down

8961 VFX Envelope: no pause at the default value for Envelope and LFO amount knobs

8941 VFX Envelope: visual glitch when the color button value changes

8990 Vocodex: crash opening a menu in one instance when another was removed

8965 ZgeViz: sometimes saving a still image does not contain all details

8980 ZgeViz: ampersand character not visible with TextTrueType



8952 Wrapper: Oxford Limiter plugin’s editor window is not the correct size when the display is scaled