FL Studio 20.9.2


Version 20.9.2 (March 11, 2022)



12796 Scripting: channels.showGraphEditor now also accepts a channel group index parameter

12737 Scripting: the “res” parameter in incEventValue is now optional

12770 Scripting: added a function to let a script show some notifications



12750 Debug log doesn’t show correct touch screen information

12716 Incorrect hints on some controls in the export score to PDF window

12258 Pot pickup does not work for Omni MIDI Links

12751 Surface Pen erases when it should add notes

12370 FLEX: limiter doesn’t sound the same as in previous version

12810 Fruity Slicer: splitting and removing slices does not update note names in the piano roll

12709 Scripting: detection of MIDI devices doesn’t always work

12774 Scripting: incorrect results from the function plugins.getParamValue

12797 Scripting: Novation Launchkey Mini MK3 is detected even though it’s not specifically supported

12743 Scripting: playlist track indexes aren’t checked correctly

12742 Scripting: parameter indexes aren’t checked in getParamName and getParamValueString

12794 Scripting: red focus rectangle on channel rack makes it impossible to click on controls

12814 Scripting: the value of event.Handled is ignored when it’s set inside OnPitchBend



12811 MIDI Clock messages show up in the FL Studio debugger as not handled