FL Studio 20.9.0

Version 20.9.0 (December 14, 2021)


12341 Automation clip editor does not show the playback cursor in the correct location
12353 Channel rack switches to wrong filter group when a channel is deleted
12356 Cloned playlist tracks do not copy the mute status of the source track
12340 Graphical glitches in the automation clip editor
12345 LFO checkbox in automation clip’s channel settings is not scaled
12346 News panel glitches while opening if the news was disabled
12350 Point menu in automation editor shows delete option when only 2 points exist
12319 Resetting a curve when for multiple points in an envelope results in unexpected behaviour
12355 The playlist track mute button is too wide
12339 The scrollbar is not resized properly when disabling LFO in the automation clip editor
12330 The tension handle can’t be seen when an envelope point is set to the “Wave” or “Pulse” type
12324 Two finger scrolling in the playlist and piano roll behaves weirdly
12359 “Unassign from audio track” menu item is enabled for mixer tracks linked to an instrument track

12352 Edison, SliceX, Convolver: envelopes allow the right-most point to be moved

Version 20.9 RC2  (December 13, 2021)


12327 Show NewStuff whenever a new version is launched for the first time
12322 Added an internal test for lost quit messages


12333 New channels are always added to the “unsorted” filter group
12329 Track controls in the playlist are in the wrong position after changing the height of the scrollbar
12309 Inserting a new channel will visually shift notes down by one channel

12317 Pitch Shifter: hints for controls don’t show units


12232 Filter in More plugins window doesn’t work well (e.g. only allows one letter)
12332 Pressing a letter key in the favorite plugins menu jumps to the wrong item
12335 Stuck ILBridge processes after closing FL Studio

20.9 RC1 (December 10, 2021)


12308 Control Surface: crash when choosing a control style if there are custom styles
12318 Envelope Controller: text in the art selector is too small when the program is scaled


12292 Crash when selecting an audio input for a mixer track

20.9 beta 9 (December 08, 2021)


11998 Added a news panel to replace the news popup menu

* 12285 Added an option to hide recording controls on audio tracks in the playlist
* 12272 Added a keyboard shortcut for “clone PL tracks”
12001 MIDI script updates are now automatically downloaded
11755 Require a verification code to unlock with a license file

FL Studio Mobile updated to v3.6.17 (https://support.image-line.com/redirect/flstudiomobile_changelog)

12252 Scripting: send OnDirtyChannel event when a channel is selected


12293 Assigning mixer tracks to audio tracks doesn’t flag the project as unsaved
* 12218 Audio track controls show in the wrong position after the picker panel is shown or hidden
* 12240 “Auto-create audio clip” doesn’t work when rendering from the mixer
12277 Changing the mixer track for an audio track in the playlist doesn’t disarm the old mixer track
12281 Consolidated clips disappear from the playlist undo when the channel was replaced with a plugin
* 12242 Copy and paste of envelope points doesn’t duplicate them exactly
12130 Clip order changes when redoing
* 12296 Cloned tracks are not locked to content if the source tracks were
* 12233 Cloning tracks results in incorrect names
12253 Crash when closing FL studio
12264 Crash when deleting a channel
12283 Crash when dragging the transport panel around while editing the toolbar
12282 Crash when undoing moving a clip after consolidation
12245 Crash when replacing an automation clip channel with a plugin
12223 Crash when switching a VST plugin to bridged mode and back
12231 Crash when undoing or redoing audio recording after using “purge recorded audio”
12286 Crash when “Hide collapsed grouped tracks” in the track header menu is right-clicked
* 12238 Crash after undo and redo of changes inside plugins
* 12222 Crash when deleting an arrangement if there are audio tracks
* 12217 Crash when the clone playlist track confirmation window is cancelled
12295 Double-clicking on an audio track header in the PL doesn’t open the mixer if it’s hidden
12229 Freeze when changing the port for a MIDI device
12263 Graph editor shows at the wrong position and size after maximizing the channel rack
* 12220 Incorrect hints shown for the options in the clone playlist track confirmation window
12290 MIDI scripts are shown as “built-in” in the controller type list if the script name starts with a space
12255 Mixer track is not reset when an instrument track is deleted if other mixer tracks are routed to it
12279 Other windows are closed when double-clicking a track’s header while holding the Alt key
12288 Pickup of controller input snaps to an old value after a preset is loaded
12287 Pickup of controller input doesn’t work with volatile links
* 12246 Recording audio into the playlist doesn’t add the new channels to the “Audio” filter group
12213 “Remove background picture” in the event editor’s View menu is disabled
12271 The filter group for a channel is not updated when replacing it with a different type of channel
* 12269 The level meter for audio tracks has a different width left and right channels
12239 The “randomize” tool in the pianro roll shows the octave with note names
12211 The target selector control disappears when minimizing the event editor window
12266 Undo gesture in the playlist and piano roll doesn’t work when “alternate undo mode” is enabled
12234 Undo of “Autoname clips” doesn’t work
* 12248 Wrong name for automation clip after cloning a PL track

12228 NewTime: files are stretched incorrectly
12250 Newtone: adjusting formant shift can show the hint behind other slices


12297 Crash when something goes wrong while the application is closing
* 12274 Incorrect plugin architecture detected if a plugin contains 32-bit or PowerPC binaries
12202 Option + touchpad scroll in the piano roll doesn’t update note velocity but zooms instead
* 10036 Program settings are reset randomly
* 10035 Random crash
12196 Stuck window when renaming a channel using Shift + Click on the window title bar
* 11820 Touch controller window behaves weirdly and crashes when docked or undocked
* 12247 Various glitches in the user interface

* 12227 Scaling issues for some plugins when they’re bridged