FL Studio 6.0.1

FL now compiled with Delphi 2005.

New popup menu engine.

New scale-detecting helper in piano roll.

Multiple MIDI input devices are now accepted.

MIDI clock sync can now be sent to multiple MIDI devices.

All control events can now be edited in the piano roll.

Edited events are now stored in a most recently used list.

Piano roll now offers 16 note colors (that can be seen as MIDI channels).

Piano roll helpers also mark notes that have names (useful with Fruity Slicer).

Can now drag individual slices from the Fruity Slicer onto channels (or the

explorer), and copy them to the Windows audio clipboard.

Revamped mixer with enhanced free track routing (all tracks can now be sends).

Piano kb keys now accepted in the MIDI remote control box (white = toggle,

black = latch).

‘New ‘Link all parameters’ option in plugins & mixer’

Can now move mixer tracks around.

New glue tool in piano roll, to glue contiguous notes.

Can now replace a channel type by another (was already doable through presets).

Various other enhancements in the piano roll.

Support for MIDI hold & sostenuto with result directly in piano roll.

Minor usability improvements.

Ctrl+mouse wheel to center-zoom at the mouse position in event editors,

piano roll & playlist.

Improved stability/safety for ASIO devices.

Little bugfix in automation clips.

Drag/drop now works on detached playlist.

Speed improvements.

Knobs animation is now smoother (for those who can notice).

Browser revamped visually, with various little enhancements.

Browser smart search feature, allowing things like

sims?nth or wav and “rev* bongo”>.

Browser updated to remember its last state, visual drag/drop.

Browser now monitors FL’s data folder to refresh itself.

Browser can show all file types & their extension.

Added browser snapshots.

Dropping a file onto the browser jumps to that file (providing it’s available

somewhere in the browser).

Sytrus: arpeggiator built in envelopes, audio file to envelope analyzer,

envelope vertical flipping.

Sytrus: can now drag/drop single-cycle shapes onto harmonics editor, or channel button.

Sytrus: waveforms can now be saved to (32bit) WAV files.

Sytrus: enhanced waveform editing tools.

Sytrus: added 4 new filter types.

Sytrus: can now lock harmonics individually.

Sytrus: can now drag waveforms (click big waveform or ctrl+click small one)

onto other synthesizers.

Small mini-piano roll update bugfix when project browser is open.

“Typing kb to piano” feature now works from the browser window£

as well (accel chars now only work in the tree when the feature is off).

Bugfix in level scaling event editor tool.

New EQUO automatable equalizer plugin.

New Fruity Reeverb 2 plugin.

Fruity Slicer: loading/slicing drumloops doesn’t break audio engine anymore.

Live mode: song relocation is bar-synchronized.

Alt+/* and Ctrl+Alt+/* to jump to/select next/previous song markers.

Misc little enhancements: middle mouse button in browser, mouse wheel

working in some new places, etc.

Added support for some more hardware controllers.

Ultrasmooth visual feedback now off by default and sets a higher smoothness,

and also now applies to fruity plugins.

Playlist pattern lane gets a popup menu, and selected patterns can be renamed

all at once.

Added option to split (explode) a pattern by channel.

Shift+piano roll/playlist cut tool now selects a column.

Alt+click in piano roll/playlist/event editor bypasses the current snap (very handy).

Shift+left/right or Alt+left/right shifts (nudges) selected notes in piano roll/playlist.

Bugfix in audio recording undo, and also made it clearer (tells which files are

gonna be undone).

Can now edit note properties to change a note into a slide.

Added workaround for minor Windows graphic bug in the playlist.

Added CC standard names to popup in MIDI remote control box.

Shift+mouse wheel to scroll playlist, shift+right click for playback tool in piano

roll, and various similar little enhancements.

Can now jump to song markers using MIDI input, and create them on the fly.

Wrappers publish 128 extra parameters for CC’s, so that you can control a VSTi

without using a MIDI out channel in most cases.

FL can now send MTC as well as MIDI clock for output synchronization.

Support for multimedia keyboards (play/pause/stop/prev/next/browser keys, etc).

Newbie enhancement: long audio files are not kept on disk by default anymore.

Option to save audio & MIDI clipboard data to files (see tools menu).

Double-right-click piano roll & playlist brings the options menu.

Better support for the Korg MS20 controller: cable in/out are mapped to CC to

work as switches.

Enhancement for tablet PC’s: most forms states are saved per screen resolution

(handy when switching from landscape to portrait mode).

Enhancement for tablet PC’s: stylus mode that allows easier tweaking of knobs

as well as several little usability improvements for pencil use.

App includes a 128×128 icon size for application bars (ObjectDock, etc).

LAME DLL now loaded dynamically (to avoid problems when FL is used as a plugin).

Little fix for piano roll splitter losing its aspect ratio when resizing the window.

Less flicker when resizing some windows (unless detached).

New ‘one-click recording’ option for dummies (in the tools menu).

Added auto-map all ASIO inputs (just like outputs), to monitor all inputs.

New Fruity Squeeze sound degradation plugin.

FPC: volume and pan envelopes per pad.

FPC: pad presets and note layouts.

New Wasp XT synth plugin.

Wrappers now automatically save plugin specific settings (optional).

Video player now has an option to disable rendering audio.

New GM preset for DrumSynth Live.

Added support for Frontier Design’s TranzPort controller.

Piano roll note properties can now show note lengths (optional).

Alt+mouse wheel to change note properties (of the closest note, or the selected ones)

in piano roll & SHIFT+mouse wheel to move them around.

Caps lock to move notes without changing their ending times in piano roll.

More accuracy in the drawing of events in the piano roll.

Browser now shows .FNV (envelopes), .DWP (DirectWave) and .FXP/.FXB (VSTi patches).

New Fruity Envelope Controller plugin.

New DirectWave sampler plugin.

New Chrome visualization plugin.

Fruity Slicer can now export sliced sample.

New sample and preset downloader for FPC and DirectWave plugins.

Existing automation clips are now adapted when the PPQ settings have changed.

Added workaround for UAD-1 plugins to work.

Cue points are not turned into regions anymore.