Black Octopus Biomorphic

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The future is here with sounds of Biomorphic

The Harmor preset pack designed by Toby Emerson.  These 128 Harmor presets have been carefully crafted and sculpted with the utmost care, making sure each preset has both an impressive sound and an ease of use.  Many custom waveforms have been created for Biomorphic and each sound has fully mapped XYZ controls for maximum control.  Beginners should feel right at home diving into these sounds and advanced users will appreciate the quickness of creating new sounds tailored to their tracks with just the turn of a few controls.  Many of the neuro sounds have been designed with modulation in mind and can be chained together to create more complex and interesting movements.  The bass sounds come in many forms from smooth and deep to aggressive and cutting and will fit in many styles including electro, dubstep, and funk.  Breathy and spacey pads, cutting leads, plucked synths and chillout sounds fill up this packs diverse selection on sounds.  To top things off the FLP project file has been included for the user to study and to get ideas on how to use these sounds in productions.


The preset sounds are royalty free and can be used in any of your own commercial productions.


This pack inlcudes:

  • 128 Harmor presets
  • 26 Bass
  • 13 Leads
  • 37 Neuro
  • 20 Pads
  • 32 Synth

1 FLP project file (for demonstrational and educational purposes only) * FL studio 12 and decent speed computer required

Sounds come in .fst format and can be loaded in the FL Native & VST version of Harmor


To use these presets from the FL Studio Browser under IL Shared Data place the folder in this location:
... /Documents/Image-Line/Data/Harmor

To use the presets from the plugins own preset selector place the folder in one of these locations:
 FL Native Format: Program Files (x86)/FL Studio/Data/Patches/Plugin Presets/Generators/Harmor
 VST format: ... /Program Files (x86)/Image-line/IL Harmor/Presets

Created by Toby Emerson


Harmor plugin GUI

These presets can only be used in the registered Harmor Plugin.
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FL Studio version 12 needed to use these presets (does not work in version 11 or older)



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Black Octopus Biomorphic



1BS - Blubber
2BS - Brute
3BS - Crunchy Scare
4BS - Cyber Tweak 1
5BS - Cyber Tweak 2
6BS - Deep City
7BS - Depths of Hades
8BS - Dune Buggy
9BS - Electro Saw 1
10BS - Electro Saw 2
11BS - FM Robots
12BS - Grunge Future
13BS - Hard Electro
14BS - It Hertz
15BS - Lurking
16BS - Major Electro
17BS - Molotov Cocktail
18BS - Nu Analog 1
19BS - Nu Analog 2
20BS - Phase Shredder
21BS - Predator
22BS - Rot Sauce
23BS - Sabretooth
24BS - Shredders Revenge
25BS - Spidertron
26BS - Tough Square


24LD - Ample Saws
28LD - Arpeggiate Me
29LD - Awaken
30LD - Crazy Circus
31LD - Cutting
32LD - Elysium
33LD - Finding Truth
34LD - Home
35LD - Scandinavia
36LD - Squelcher
37LD - The Verge
38LD - Visonary
39LD - Vocal Flute


40NEURO - Autobot
41NEURO - Banshee
42NEURO - Brain Stem
43NEURO - Collider
44NEURO - Crawly Wobbler
45NEURO - Cyber Res
46NEURO - Cyborg
47NEURO - Darksider
48NEURO - Deception
49NEURO - Dementia
50NEURO - Depthcharge 1
51NEURO - Depthcharge 2
52NEURO - Evil Reece
53NEURO - Forsaken
54NEURO - Gargoyle
55NEURO - Guillotine
56NEURO - Humanoid
57NEURO - Infected Wobble
58NEURO - Jet Stream 1
59NEURO - Jet Stream 2
60NEURO - Mantis
61NEURO - Mutants
62NEURO - Neurolistic
63NEURO - Neurophase
64NEURO - Poltergeist
65NEURO - Reptile
66NEURO - Robomod
67NEURO - Snake bite
68NEURO - Snarl
69NEURO - Stargate
70NEURO - Terminator
71NEURO - Tribal Swell
72NEURO - Undertaker
73NEURO - Witcher Mod
74NEURO - X-men Bass
75NEURO - X-men Wobble
76NEURO - Zombies











77PD - Afterlife
78PD - Big Horizon
79PD - Chronology
80PD - Digital Reality
81PD - Dreamy Choir
82PD - Dublin
83PD - Europa
84PD - Flashbacks
85PD - Ghosts
86PD - Gravedigger
87PD - Lifeforms
88PD - Mind Phaser
89PD - Nostalgic Swell
90PD - Reflections
91PD - Solaris
92PD - Space Strings
93PD - Swarmed
94PD - Vintage Analog
95PD - Vocal Chords
96PD - Warm Ambience




97SY - Cherry Blossom
98SY - Chillsphere
99SY - Classic Chords
100SY - Crispy Bell Phase
101SY - Crispy Neuro Bell 1
102SY - Crispy Neuro Bell 2
103SY - Crunchy Swell
104SY - Digital Pluck
105SY - Discovery Arp
106SY - Dream Country
107SY - Duality
108SY - End of Time
109SY - Felurian
110SY - Hunter BP
111SY - Mystic
112SY - Nostalgic Pluck
113SY - Paradigm Bells
114SY - Robostab
115SY - Serious Contender
116SY - Slaughterhouse
117SY - Softy Pluck
118SY - Sonata
119SY - Supersaws
120SY - The Dyson
121SY - The Hoov
122SY - Trance Mind
123SY - Transmission HP
124SY - Urchin
125SY - Vegas Phaser
126SY - Vintage Chords
127SY - Washed Away
128SY - Wooden Future