Mixer menu

This section covers the Mixer menu commands (1). For reference, the Mixer diagram is at the bottom of this page.


Mixer Track


Mixer reference diagram

Full descriptions are available on the main Mixer page.

  1. Mixer menu
  2. Mixer Track Scroll Bar
  3. Mixer Insert Tracks
  4. Send Tracks & Selected Track
  5. Big Peak Meter
  6. External Mixer input
  7. External Mixer output
  8. Effects slots
  9. Mixer Track Properties
  10. Master Mixer Track
  11. Small Peak Meter
  12. Panning
  13. Stereo Separation
  14. Level Fader
  15. Send Knobs
  16. Effects Enable/Disable Switch
  17. Track Recording Switch
  18. Track Send / Sidechain Enable Switch
  19. Plugin Delay Compensation
  20. Mute Switch
  21. Phase (top) & Stereo Flip (bottom)

NOTE: Most controls are automatable (Right-click and select 'Create automation clip').