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NOW is the time to get $50 OFF FL Studio Producer Edition. $100 OFF FL Studio All Plugins Edition or up to 48% off FL Studio Upgrades + Lifetime Free Updates and Bonus plugin and sample pack content. Click below to start saving ...

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Sale Bundles & Upgrades

  • FL Studio Producer Edition inc. Lifetime Free Updates was $199 now $149 + free:
    + VINAI XTT (Multi FX Plugin) Value $39.9
    + Trap Aura (541 MB / 306 files / One-shots, Loops, Construction Kits)
    + Tech House (718 MB  / 539 files /  One-shots, Loops, Construction Kits)
    + The Morning After  (901 MB  / 741 files / One-shots, Loops, Presets)
    + 3AM (986 MB  / 65 files/ One-shots, Loops, Construction Kits)
    + Disco Pop (812 MB  / 480 files / One-Shots, Loops, Construction Kits) ...total sample pack value $97
  • FL Studio All Plugins Edition inc. Lifetime Free Updates was $499 now $399 + free:
    + UVI Digital Synsations (Dynamics Plugin). Value $149
    + VINAI XTT (Multi FX Plugin) Value $39.9
    + WA Production Pumper 3 (Multi FX Plugin) Value $39
    + MeldaProduction  MVibratoMB (Multi FX Plugin) Value $39
    + United Plugins FireCharger (Multi FX Plugin) Value $128
    + Heatwave (746 MB / 269 files / One-Shots, Loops, Construction Kits, Vocals)
    + Red Light (461 MB / 192 files / One-Shots, Loops, Construction Kits, Vocals)
    + Nu Soul  (1.21 GB / 327 files / One-shots, Loops, Construction Kits, Vocals)
    + Dreaming About You (760 MB / 309 files / One-shots, Loops, Construction Kits, Vocals)
    + Rumble (577.71 MB / 267 files / One-Shots, Loops) ...total sample pack value $137.55
  • Upgrades Discounted:
    - FL Studio Fruity Edition > Producer Edition - Was $110 now $60 inc $136.9 bonuses
    - FL Studio Fruity Edition > All Plugins Edition - Was $410 now $310 inc $532 bonuses
    - FL Studio Producer Edition > All Plugins Edition - Was $310 now $210 inc. $532 bonuses
    - FL Studio Signature Bundle > All Plugins Edition - Was $210 now $110 inc. $532 bonuses

* All prices above are in USD and exclude local taxes (see the shop for exact pricing). Upgrade pricing may even lower if you already own plugins that are part of the All Plugins Edition! Visit the shop to see your exact local pricing. Bonus plugins are supplied by the respective developers. Bonus sample packs are courtesy of Producer Loops and served direct from your Image-Line Account. Offer ends midnight CET Nov 30,  2022.


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